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How to print "booklet style" Message Books from the Table Software PDFs.

I’ve finally recorded the video tutorial for how to print message books from The Table Software in booklet style.

Click here to download and watch the smaller file (10M) tutorial.
Click here to download and watch the larger file (70M) tutorial.

You’ll need the latest version of Adobe Reader to print the books in the booklet style.

*edit* Printer update. I was showing how to do this to a friend of mine with an HP printer. Their printer printed the LAST page first. In this scenario, you would have to take all the pages, reorder them first to last, and place them back into the paper tray for it to print out correctly. Remember, if your printer prints last to first, you may have to reorder them. My Canon R200 prints first to last, and so all I do is take the paper, as is, and flip it vertically, and place back into the paper tray.

*edit* Permissions. Yes, it is ok to print out the PDFs for personal use. That’s why they were included in the Table software.

From the help manual that comes with The Table – “The software edition PDFs used for printing in The Spoken Word format also have not all been through Voice Of God Recordings’ normal editing process.”

Thanks to anyone expressing concerns over this.