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Give unto the Lord the glory due unto His Name!


I Chronicles 16:29, Psalm 29:2, and Psalm 96:8 all instruct us to “Give unto the Lord the glory due unto His Name”.

Do we in our daily lives give the Lord the glory that He deserves?
Brother Branham said in the Message “I Am The Resurrection And The Life” (52-0810a):
“I see many people, call theirselves Christians, never return thanks, just as illiterate as a hog under a apple tree. A hog can sit under an apple tree, and apples would beat him in the head all day long, and he’ll eat till he can’t grunt no more, hardly; but he’ll never look up to see where they’re coming from.”
Do we give The Lord thanks daily for the blessings in our lives, or do we take them for granted (like the hog Brother Branham talked about) and never look up to see where our blessings are coming from?
Psalm 37:25 says; “I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor His Seed begging bread”.
Do you testify to others of how He’s healed you, saved you, blessed you with a good job, a roof over your head, clothes on your back, and food on your table?
Do we give Him the glory, or do we claim our successes as our own?
The book of Acts 12:21-23 tells us that Herod gave a speech, and the people were so enthused that they said it was “the voice of a god, and not of a man. And immediately the angel of the Lord smote him, because he gave not God the glory; and he was eaten of worms, and gave up the ghost”.
Are you ashamed to give Him thanks for your food because you’re in the presence of man?
Do we read our Bible and pray ever day (like Brother Branham says a Christian does)?
Have we let the Message (that God has blessed us to see, and be a part of) become common to us? Are we letting our books & tapes gather dust in their shelves, or do we ‘study to show (ourselves) approved’?
He is worthy of our very best.
He is worthy of our time, and our tithes, and our offerings, and our efforts, and our praises, and our lives, and everything we could ever give Him.
Let’s give Him the glory due His Name!
-Brother Nathan

"Evidence that a man is a Christian"

COD Book Page 83 Paragraph 152 & 153
“Now, I’m going to answer the question, brother, that you asked me awhile ago. Somebody said:
Q 12. Brother Branham, I want to know the place where I can tie down and say “This man has the Holy Ghost because he did this, or this woman has the Holy Ghost because she did that.”
There’s not a way in the world for you to know it. That’s right. There’s not a way in the world for you to know it. God is the Judge; we are not to judge.”

COD Book Page 85 Paragraph 166
“Now, I’m going to… I’ll give you my estimation of what I think that the closest thing to an evidence that a man is a Christian, than anything I know of. You know what it is? It’s travail of soul, a person that’s always so hungering and thirsting for God. They just simply… Day and night they–they just can’t stand it. They–they–they got to do something for God.
They–they’re full of love and they’re just a soul-travail, just travailing all the time. The Bible said, “He that goeth forth sowing in tears will doubtless return again, rejoicing, bringing with him precious sheaves.” Is that right? All those things…

I heard this quote the other day driving around in my truck. What a rebuke to all of us!

Do we have that travail of soul where we’re constantly hungering and thirsting for God? Day and night do we feel like we’ve just got to do something for God?

Do we have a burden on our heart every day to tell someone about all of the wonderful things Jesus has done for us in our own lives? Do we feel a constant pull to witness to some poor soul that hasn’t heard the Word that’s been revealed by a vindicated prophet that was sent to us (as promised by Malachi 4 , Revelations 10:7, etc) to show us the truth in these last days?

May God give us that zeal to do something for God, and a hunger for more of Him, and a burden for lost souls like Brother Branham is talking about is my prayer!

If we don’t have these things then we don’t even have what Brother Branham believed was the fruits of a real Christian! It’s checking up time brothers and sisters. It’s manifesting time!

How are people going to see Jesus (the Word made manifest for our day) if they can’t see Him in you and I?

So God dwells in human beings. Amen.
Now, the only way people will see Jesus when they see–when they see Him in you. You are written epistles. If Christ’s Spirit dwells in you and brings your condict–conduct into subjection to His Spirit, and makes you act like Him, and talk like Him, walk like Him, live like Him. See? People see Jesus in you. There’s the old song, “Let others see Jesus in you.”

– Brother Nathan Bryant