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100 Years Ago Today

Thank God for the Gift He Sent His Bride 100 Years Ago Today.

But I want to be a blessing NOW!

Are you like me? Do you long to be a blessing so much you don’t know what to do with yourself?

Many times we get all enthused in our Christian walk. Ready for God to use us. Ready to DO something. We need to realize He has it under control. He will use us when it is HIS time.

Don’t really like that? I don’t. Because waiting for Him, means that, in yourself, you don’t really have what it takes like you may think you do. You can’t do it without Him. No matter your intentions, your desires, your motives, your skills, your “spiritual plateau”. YOU just can’t do it.

It’s pride.

We need to check that, not at the door, but at Jesus’ feet.

We heard this one at church a few weeks ago. It really struck me.

Now remember, as I said the other night, two of those messengers went down into Sodom, and they preached to those Sodomites; and they blinded them that night at the Word. But remember, there was One; they–they had their sign, a Stranger among them.Look at Lot. Lot setting in the gate, and said, “My lords.” And living in such a way. They said, “Come into my house.” He said, “We’ll sleep in the street.” What a home. But as soon as Abraham; they said, “This is the purpose we come for. We set down here by the side of you.”

That’s the way. Live so, that if God would want to use you, He knows right where to come get you. You’re in a position, living a life clean before God; your words are honest; your life is true. That’s the kind of a place that Angels come. Look at–at Elisabeth and Zachariahs (See?), an honest upright, walking in all the commandments of the Lord. That’s the way we want to live, so when God gets ready to use us, He say, “This is My people. I can do with this church what I want to. They believe Me. They stand on My Word.” See, that’s the way you want to do; live the life.

“When GOD gets ready to use us”

Not when we’re ready to use us. When HE is.

The important thing is for us to keep living a clean, welcoming life. So often we get tired of waiting…and so we slide. Our enthusiasm fades and our frustrations with waiting rises. We begin to make concessions to things that were held up more by our enthusiasm, than our revelation or desires. Perhaps this is God’s way of showing us we aren’t on the plateau we think we’re on.

I believe if we keep our lives clean and ready, God will use us soon. While we’re waiting, why don’t we look to our lives and see where we can clean things up even more? Can we be more honest? More true?

Work on what we can, while we can, and God will use us in HIS time.

– Bro Trevor