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The Passing Of A Friend

Kyle Matthew Stucky
April 29, 1983 – March 26, 2011

 Please remember the Stucky family in prayer during their time of loss.

“(Kyle M. Stucky) went to be with the Lord on the morning of March 26, 2011.

He was known for that cheeky grin and optimistic outlook on life. He was an incredible singer and musician. He was a diligent, gifted worker and gave his all, regardless. His family and his church family meant everything to him, but his relationship with Jesus was most important. He was also known for being half of a red-headed brother’s bond from birth – Cory’s twin. The battle is over, you’re finally free!

Survivors include a son, Mathieu Stucky; parents, Michael and Jacinta Stucky;brothers, Cory Stucky and his wife, Michelle and Timothy Stucky; sisters, Sarah Griffith and her husband, David, Karen Pinkston and her husband, Stephen, Deborah Stucky, Emily Stucky and Christina Stucky; grandmother, Martha Vance; grandfather, Gale Stephens; nephews, Noah Griffith, Alex Pinkston and Ethan Pinkston; nieces,  Olivia Griffith and Isabella Pinkston; and numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins.” *

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* Source:

San Antonio Visit

I returned home late Sunday evening from a nice trip to San Antonio. Bro Jonathan Goff, a minister out of Bro Tom Mafalo’s church in San Antonio, invited me to come and fellowship with them for the weekend.

The little flock meets together in Bro Tom’s home. They are a diverse group with a few Caucasian, and the rest of the group is divided equally between Hispanic and Congolese. Thankfully the Congolese believers speak English, so we only needed translation of the preaching into Spanish.

We had a blessed time of fellowship together. I found the spirit to be very sweet amongst the believers. We were also visited by a small group from Austin, TX, and were blessed to hear of their testimonies about how they all came together. I’ll share a little of that testimony.

A brother had begun to share the Message and testify to a young man who was working with him. He told the young man he needed to read the Church Age Book. The young man said he would like to read it, and proceeded to ask the brother every day if he brought him the book. By the third day, the brother figured there must be something to this young man, and remembered to bring the book to him. The young man took the book to his home and was sitting out on the front deck of the apartment he lives in reading the book.

Unbeknownst to all of them, there was a brother from Honduras living at the same apartment complex. He was unaware of any other believers in his area. He was walking down the sidewalk by the young man’s apartment as the young man read. The brother noticed the young man reading, and WHAT he was reading. He fell on his knees and began to praise the Lord. He got up and asked the young man, “where did you get this book?”

He began to tell the young man and his wife about the prophet William Branham. The young man’s wife said she had heard about this before. Her parents had began to receive the last day Message as well.

It was certainly a joy to fellowship with these fine believers who are believing and learning the Message in Austin, TX.

I preached Saturday evening on “Rest vs. Rebellion”. The people were encouraged to rest in Christ. Sunday morning I preached “Culture Degrades Truth”, and exhorted the people to drive the enemy out of their land completely, and to raise up living stones in their homes.

The fellowship was wonderful, and I look forward to a return trip in the not too distant future.

Bro Trevor

2MM Go To South Carolina

(03/11/11 – 03/14/11)

Bro. Trevor, and I traveled to Columbia, SC last Friday where we had the opportunity to attend a minister’s meeting on Saturday (coordinated by Bro. Tim Calhoun, and hosted by Bro. Gerald Hughes).

We certainly enjoyed our time of fellowship with the attending ministers.

Our good friend, Bro. Danny Stemen from Sarasota, FL was the guest speaker, and we were very encouraged by the wisdom the LORD has given our brother.

Saturday night we attended a tent meeting at Bro. Gerald Hughes’ church where Bro. George Scharneck from South Africa preached a stirring sermon on ‘Crisis‘, and many came forward for prayer at the end of the service.

We drove on to Anderson, SC Saturday night after the service. Bro. Trevor preached on ‘Culture Degrades Truth‘ Sunday morning at our good friend, Bro. Luke Gibson’s church, and as Bro. Luke said, “Bro. Trevor really outdid himself”. It was a wonderful time in the LORD.

Sunday night I had the opportunity of preaching at Bro. Luke’s church as well, and spoke on ‘The Accepted Sacrifice‘. There was certainly a sweet Spirit of HIS presence in our midst, and several came forward for prayer at the end of the service

We always enjoy our time of fellowship with Bro. Luke, and it was good to see our brothers and sisters from ‘The Tabernacle Of The Lord‘ again.

Monday morning Bro. Trevor, and I drove home, and enjoyed our time listening to ‘The Seed Of Discrepancy’ (65-0118), and reflecting on the fellowship, and services we were able to enjoy over the weekend.

The LORD blessed us with beautiful weather for our trip to South Carolina, and the majority of the way back (only running into a little bit of rain the last two hours of the drive home).

We forsook some sleep over the weekend in exchange for some wonderful fellowship, and came home with our hearts stirred, and our souls refreshed.

We received several new invitations over the weekend, and are both looking forward to the upcoming travels this year as we continue in HIS service.

8.9 Magnitude Earthquake (Japan)

(Friday, March 11’th, 2011

The magnitude 8.9 quake and 23-foot tsunami were followed by more than 50 aftershocks for hours, many of them of more than magnitude 6.0.” (USA Today)

…the biggest earthquake to hit the country since officials began keeping records in the late 1800s…” (Chicago Tribune) 

A tsunami warning was extended to a number of Pacific, Southeast Asian and Latin American nations, including Japan, Russia, Indonesia, New Zealand and Chile. In the Philippines, authorities ordered an evacuation of coastal communities.” (Chicago Tribune)

Waves are predicted to hit the western coast of the United States between 11 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. ET Friday.” (USA Today)

Please be in prayer for those affected by this disaster.

Close To The Cross, But Far From Christ

I read an excerpt from a book several years ago that stood out to me as being so applicable to the division, and debating we see around the Message that I have read it many times since.

We don’t typically post extended excerpts like this, but I wanted to share it with our readers in hopes that it will strike home with you as much as it does with me.


Close To The Cross, But Far From Christ

There was some dice-throwing that went on at the foot of the cross…I’ve wondered what the scene must have looked like to Jesus…

‘All right, all right–this throw is for the sandals.’

Casting lots for the possessions of Christ. Heads ducked. Eyes downward. Cross forgotten…

It makes me think of us. The religious. Those who claim heritage at the cross. I’m thinking of all of us. Every believer in the land. The stuffy. The loose. The strict. The simple. Upper church. Lower church. ‘Spirit-filled.’ Millenialists. Evangelical. Political. Mystical. Literal. Cynical. Robes. Collars. Three-piece suits. Born-againers. Ameners. (NB note: insert random doctrinally named sub-division of the Message)

I’m thinking of us.

I’m thinking that we aren’t so unlike those soldiers. (I’m sorry to say)

We, too, play games at the foot of the cross. We compete for members. We scramble for status. We deal our judgments and condemnations. Competition. Selfishness. Personal gain. It’s all there. We don’t like what the other did so we take the sandal we won and walk away in a huff.

So close to the timbers yet so far from the blood.

We are so close to the world’s most uncommon event, but we act like common crapshooters huddled in bickering groups and fighting over silly opinions.

How many pulpit hours have been wasted on preaching the trivial? How many churches have tumbled at the throes of miniscuity? How many leaders have saddled their pet peeves, drawn their swords of bitterness and launched into battle against brethren over issues that are not worth discussing?

So close to the cross but so far from the Christ

Are our differences that divisive? Are our opinions that obtrusive? Are our walls that wide? Is it that impossible to find a common cause?

May they all be one,’ Jesus prayed.

One. Not one in groups of two thousand. But one in One. One church. One faith. One Lord. Not Baptist, not Methodist, not Adventist. Just Christian. No denominations. No hierarchies. No traditions. Just Christ.

Too idealistic? Impossible to achieve? I don’t think so. Harder things have been done, you know. For example, once upon a tree, a Creator gave his life for his creation. Maybe all we need are a few hearts that are willing to follow suit.


Can you see now why I’m standing for unity of every church, every full gospel church, every believer? We ought to be one heart, one mind, and one accord. No matter how much we different in the Scriptures; that might be… One might see this that way, or–that has nothing to do with it. But in principle, we ought to stand, one great, mighty, army of God marching on, because each one of you in your peculiarity, God has proved that He’s ignoring your doctrine, because He give you the Holy Ghost. And the Bible said, “He gave–give them the Holy Ghost that obeyed Him.”
Now, if I obeyed Him in my peculiar way, and you obeyed Him in your peculiar way, He give us both the Holy Ghost, so we ought to be Christian brethren and sister enough, to arm up together and march on for one great purpose, the Gospel.

*** Text in green is an excerpt from the book
“No Wonder They Call Him Savior”, by Max Lucado ***

Are the Message and the Creation Museum Compatible? Pt. III (Rocks & Millions of Years)

I’m a big fan of the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum. I’m an even bigger fan of the Message of the Hour from the prophet William Branham. Many following this Message might go see the Creation Museum and wonder, “What did Bro Branham say about all this?” I’m NOT going to claim to have all the answers on this topic, but I’d like to show you my own research on where the Message would agree, and disagree.

Rocks & Millions of years (and other errata):
Q. Can rocks and fossils be millions of years old?

Now, the Creation Museum will tell you that Rocks can be, at most 6000 years old. This is because they believe that everything was created in 6 days, and it’s been around 6000 years since then. They protest millions of years or what they call the gap-age theory because in order to have fossils that old, there had to be death before the fall. I agree with them on that point. They do this to refute evolution’s claims of fossils being millions of years old. I do not believe that fossils are millions of years old.

However, Bro Branham mentions that rocks could be millions of years old:

My daughter back there, Rebekah, was saying, “Daddy, in school we proved that the… that there are millions and millions of years this world is old. Then isn’t that contradictory to the Bible?”
“No, sir,” I said. “It isn’t.”
“Well,” said, “if the–the different study of rocks and formations, and stalactites and stalagmites and so forth, prove that, dripping, of millions of years, and God said He made the heavens and earth in one twenty-four hours, doesn’t that misprove, disprove the Bible?”
I said, “No.”
If you’ll notice, God telling Moses about the Bible, He said, “In the beginning God created the heavens and earth.” Period! How long it took, that’s none of our business. Then He goes ahead and begins to bring in His time of putting seed in the earth. But, “In the beginning,” might have been hundreds of billions of trillions of years, aeons of time, but, “God created the heavens and the earth.” Period! That settles that. That’s the first step. See? He makes no mistakes

He also mentions in the sermon Questions and Answers on Genesis

Now, watch this now. Beautiful… Now, He made the sun. Then the first thing you know, a big clinker fell off of it, weighed about, just about like this earth, went “Spue…” Then this Logos here now, the Son of God, is watching it. He lets it fall for a hundred million years and He stops it. Then another one flies off, and He let’s it flew off–fall for millions of years, then He stops it. Now, we’re standing, watching it come into existence.

I’m sure by the third post in this series, many Message scholars are wondering “What about ‘other civilizations’”?

Bro Branham mentions:

I was talking to a person not long ago. He was trying to discuss with me and saying, “Aren’t you ashamed to say that God created the heavens and earth in three days–or in six days?”
I said, “That’s what the Bible said.”
Said, “Well, we’ve got evidence and can prove that the world is millions of years old.”
I said, “That didn’t have anything to do with it. In Genesis 1:1, it said, ‘In the beginning God created heavens and earth’ period. See? That’s all. Now, the world without form and void.” And I said, “I believe every seed was laying right there from some other civilization or something, and as soon as the water lifted off and the light struck it, up come the trees and everything.”

So, Bro Branham teaches us that rocks (the earth) could be millions of years old for sure. Then he mentions that there could have been “some other civilization or something”. He only mentions SEED as being there as soon as the water lifted off. Moving water away doesn’t spring up anything but plant life, not animal or human life of course. Could fossils have been from a previous civilization? Perhaps, but then we have to account for death before the fall, and I can’t make that fit. I lean more heavily on the “or something” of that quote. I do not say that it is not possible, because he mentions it, but that civilization would have died before the fall, and I can’t make that fit the rest of scripture. If it is so, I’ll go on record saying I don’t understand it. That’s ok however, I don’t have to understand everything!

In summary, based on my research to date, The message teaches no problems with rocks being millions of years old. I don’t personally feel that any fossils would be any older than 6000 years old. I believe most fossils were likely created by the flood.

These 3 points are the only main questions I’ve come across with Message Believers and the Creation Museum. Of course, the Creation Museum doesn’t have Serpent Seed right, but then I never expected them to.

Hopefully this series of posts will help you study the Creation and understand some of the theories out there, and give you insight as to what Bro Branham taught. As for the Creation Museum, I think it’s a great ministry and one on the forefront of Science confirming the Bible. Worth the trip to go see!

-Bro Trevor

Are the Message and the Creation Museum Compatible? Pt. II (Creation Time)

I’m a big fan of the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum. I’m an even bigger fan of the Message of the Hour from the prophet William Branham. Many following this Message might go see the Creation Museum and wonder, “What did Bro Branham say about all this?” I’m NOT going to claim to have all the answers on this topic, but I’d like to show you my own research on where the Message would agree, and disagree.

Q. How much time was taken to create the world?  

Answers in Genesis will tell us that every time you see the word “day” (yom or yowm) in Genesis it is speaking of a literal 24 hour day.

The link to their article above explains why, and also what they are refuting. They are refuting millions of years. I agree with this…God did not take millions of years to create the world and ALL that is in it, but neither does the Message agree with 7 literal 24 hour days.

The one flaw in the Answers in Genesis interpretation of the word “yom or yowm” is the following scripture: “But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.” (Genesis 2:17)

Now, according to Answers in Genesis, Adam and Eve should have died in that literal 24 hour day. Now, they try to explain this away by going into Hebrew grammar and such in this article

However, I believe an easier explanation of 1000 year days can be reached. Bro Branham tells us in the message:

Now, we will notice the earth, when God had it under control. Now, when God had it control… had it under His control. Then when Satan took over, by rejecting the Word of God. God one time had the earth under His control. He set it in its orbit. He put it, make it work. He done everything, had it in His control. Now we’ll compare that with after Satan took it in his control.  
Now, it took God six thousand years. It didn’t take Him that long, but He took that long. Six thousand years, because we’re taught that “one day in Heaven is a thousand years on earth,” and it was six thousand years, or six days that God built the earth. Now, it took God six thousand years to establish it, plant it with good seeds and to bring forth everything after its kind. Everything must come forth of its kind. All of His seeds were good, and so it must bring forth after its kind. God took six thousand years.

God took 6000 years. I of course, trust the Word of a vindicated prophet of God. So in the day ye eat thereof the day ye die then turns into, no man has ever lived 1000 years.

Now, in here, I believe with all my heart I–we are, or this days… If we’re not, somebody is; it’s got to be. Time has run out; we’re at the end. Every… The world… God made the world in six thousand years, and the seventh thousand He rested. He said a man will never live that time out–a–a year–or–or day–“day you eat thereof, the day you die.” Adam–or Methuselah was the oldest man that ever lived in the Bible, and he was 969 years old; and he never lived that thousand years. But the man that’s going to live through the millennium, one thousand years, to show that the–that the penalty has been paid… Man lives forever; the day is finished; the time is finished; they’re in eternity.

The millennium a type of God resting on the 7th day is going to prove that the “day ye die” curse is broken, by a man living 1000 years. To me, that just clinches the argument down. Now, Answers in Genesis would probably then side with the evolutionists and say, “well, then the plants created on day 3 really would have died before the sun was created on day 4” To me it’s so obvious, Jesus the light of the World was there.

REVELATION 22:2 – 5 2 In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations. 3 And there shall be no more curse: but the throne of God and of the Lamb shall be in it; and his servants shall serve him: 4 And they shall see his face; and his name shall be in their foreheads. 5 And there shall be no night there; and they need no candle, neither light of the sun; for the Lord God giveth them light: and they shall reign for ever and ever.

That tree will bare fruit every month, and there will be no sun. Who needs a burning ball of gas, when we have Christ, the very creator and sustainer?