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The Last Independence Day

Today is Independence Day. A day we celebrate the freedom our country achieved from Britain. A day when our forefathers stood on their own two feet and declared that we were free to pursue life, liberty and happiness. This day has always been one of my favorite holidays. I love the spirit of camaraderie that we feel together as a nation.

I wonder today however, if it will be the last I am able to celebrate.

Oh don’t feel I am being melodramatic. It is quite a real thought. As I perhaps watch fireworks tonight and celebrate our independence and freedom, will it be the last time I am able to truly do so?

Will this Independence Day be the last time that ministers, who follow the true Word of God and hold unwaveringly to it’s principles, are truly free? In a nation that has essentially declared that if you are a photographer and are unwilling to take pictures of a wedding between two men or two women you can no longer be a photographer. If you are a florist and will not celebrate in a union between a same-sex couple you can no longer be a florist. If you are a baker and will not bake a cake and put a two man cake topper on it, you can no longer be a baker. How can we anticipate freedom then for the ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ who will not perform such unions at all? Not because of hatred, rather the opposite, it is because of our love for mankind that requires us to cry out against the things that are destroying not only their flesh, but their souls!

How long will it be until those who proclaim we should be able to “love as freely as we wish” will in a turn of hypocrisy declare our love to be invalid? I wonder if that is the “religiosity” we will be attacked from. For the early believers, they were attacked initially by the Jews, who feared that their power and standing and the balance with Rome would be shaken. Will it be this new campaign of “freedom” that will actually end freedom for the true believers? We know the day will come when men will persecute us thinking they are doing God a service. If they persecute the true believer they obviously don’t know God. So in a country where people have begun to define “God” in any way they wish, ultimately saying He is all loving and would not punish the evil doer, it is very natural (but hypocritical) that we will be persecuted in the service of this God.
It may be difficult to watch the fireworks tonight with the usual zest, excitement, and love for my country that I have always felt in the past.
God Bless America! But America has already rejected that blessing.
God give us courage and strength to face the troubled times that have been prophesied are ahead.

Bro Trevor

Florida Trip Report, June 2015

It’s been two and a half years since my last Evangelistic Trip looping through Florida.  Oh, I’ve been down to Florida in and out on a plane, but this is the second driving tour through Florida and extending into South Carolina on the way home!

Here’s the quick recap

  • Over 2324 miles
  • 8 Services
  • 6 churches
  • Lots of believers
  • A few games of “Ticket to Ride” with the family and with believers! (one of my favorite games)
  • A few games of Wordsters with Bro Jack’s family!

We started the trip in Sarasota where I preached on “Relationship or Nicolaitanism” and had a very good service. The evening service I spoke on “Lucifer’s Style of Worship” and without prompting there were quite a few that had come to the altar. We had fine fellowship with the believers at House of Fellowship and spent the next couple of days touring the area and fellowshipping in the evenings with the saints.

Bro Trevor and Bro Carl Herms

Bro Trevor and Bro Carl Herms

Wednesday night I was blessed to be able to preach for Bro Carl Herms in Tampa. It was nice of him to extend an invitation to me without ever meeting me, solely on the recommendation of Bro Danny.  I preached “Wilt thou be made whole” and as normally happens with that sermon, many hearts were spoken to, and many came up for prayer.

Thursday we went over to Okeechobee to Bible Truth Tabernacle and Bro Smiley. We always enjoy being with the saints there, and even though the power flickered on and off, and I knocked down and caught in my hand the crown of thorns, we sure had a good service.  I again spoke on “Relationship or Nicolaitanism”.  We had some good fellowship after service with Bro Justin Smiley, a young minister of the church.

Friday and Saturday we spent some time with my good friend Bro Jack Duff. Also on Saturday we had a ministers meeting with the local ministers and quite the discussion on the baptism of the Holy Ghost, how it relates to the new birth, and how it relates to the Stature of a Perfect man.

Saturday evening was the youth service and I spoke on “The Arm of the Lord”. I took the tauntings of the Rabshekah to Hezekiah and modernized them a bit as the tauntings of the devil at the young people. I believe it spoke to many hearts.

Sunday morning I again spoke on “Relationship or Nicolaitanism” at Bro Jack’s church, and Sunday evening we were in service at the Haitian church in Boynton Beach on the same topic.  I told some of the believers who were driving around with us for the fellowship the reason I’m preaching it so many times is not because I’m a lazy preacher, but because I feel the topic is so relevant and needful in our churches today.

Bro Trevor and Bro Jason Watkins

Bro Trevor and Bro Jason Watkins

On Monday we drove up to Beaufort, SC to be at another church for the first time.  Bro Jason Watkins had invited me to come by the last time we had met while in a service in Ohio. We enjoyed the fellowship and for the service on Wednesday evening I preached on “Wilt thou be made whole”. I know many hearts were touched by the Spirit of God.

We really could feel the prayers of the believers with us. We never encountered one problem the entire trip.

We had a nice family time while we were there as well,as we celebrated my son Zion’s 14th birthday.



We’re thankful to be back home, and my faithful wife is busy with the laundry and all kinds of household things.  I’ve been weeding the garden as the rains must have been incredible while we were away.  Shortly, we’re headed over to Bro Nathan’s services that are going on this weekend!

Keep me in prayer as I begin to contemplate the leading of the Lord for a few overseas trips that I have open doors for.

God Bless everyone!

Bro Trevor