2MM Goes To Tucson

Bro Nathan and I recently returned from a preaching trip to Tucson. We preached a total of five services over an extended weekend and a Wednesday night.

We really had a blessed time, and while the devil sure seemed out to get us and the families, you just can’t stop what God has in store.

The services started off with Bro Nathan preaching a fiery sermon entitled “Order of Revival”. He followed it up with a prayer line. Many were blessed and hearts were stirred. It was nice to see that a few saints from other churches came out as well.

Saturday night I preached “Culture Degrades Truth”, followed by an altar call where many were blessed. There was a noticeable change on a few in particular after this.

Easter Sunday morning, Bro Nathan took the resurrection subject of “A get together before flight”
Easter Sunday evening, I preached a simple sermon on “Undeserved Love”.
The following Wednesday night, Bro Nathan preached “Looking through Spiritual Eyes”
(sorry, some how we don’t have any pictures of Bro Nathan preaching!!)

We were blessed to be able to bring our families out to the Tucson area to see the many places the prophet walked and spoke of. We had some fine services, and a nice little vacation. We’re looking forward to anything the Lord has in store for us in the future!

God Bless you all,

Bro Trevor

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