I traveled to Liberty, KY the last two weekends (April 2nd-3rd & April 9th-10th) with my wife (Sis. Rebekah), and our two boys (Philip & Nathanael).

The LORD blessed us with nice weather on both trips. Even though it was raining pretty hard this past Saturday morning (April 9th), by the time we got on the road the sun had come out, and we were able to enjoy a beautiful drive.

We had a good time of fellowship both weekends with the pastor (who also happens to be my uncle) Bro. Morris Bryant. I preached at ‘Liberty Tabernacle‘ on Sunday morning the first weekend, and Philip (our oldest son) helped me sing a special.

The second weekend Bro. Trevor, his wife (Sis. Anna May), and children (Zion, Azariah, and Glorianna) joined us for the weekend trip to Liberty. We were able to relax, and enjoy the beautiful weather on Saturday while we watched the children play, and I lost a few games of ‘corn toss‘.

Bro. Trevor preached at ‘Liberty Tabernacle‘ on Sunday morning, and his wife and children joined him to sing a special. My cousin (Bro. Richie Keith) sang a special, and played the bass guitar while I led songs during the worship service.

Since I will be preaching in Blades, DE next weekend (LORD willing), and Bro. Trevor is going to be preaching in Townville, SC the following weekend, he went ahead and gave me an early birthday present while we were together in Liberty.  Part of the present was an original copy of the November 1952 Reader’s Digest that I certainly appreciated because that issue has ‘The Healing of Donny Morton’ article Bro. Branham refers to many times.

How many read the November issue, that article of mine in there on “Reader’s Digest?” See? And they had me up there to interview that baby they give up. Said, “It couldn’t be done.” But the Holy Spirit spoke to me and told me how it would be done, and it was done.

After enjoying the time of fellowship with friends & family it was time to say our goodbyes, and head home again. We certainly appreciate all of the kindness and hospitality that Bro. Morris, and the brothers and sisters at ‘Liberty Tabernacle‘ showed us over both weekends.

(L2R) Bro. Nathan, Bro. Morris, Bro. Trevor

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