Are we living it?

Who are we? We the bride of this last age. We many times think of ourselves as “God’s Elite”, by Grace of course (almost as an afterthought). Those that God has chosen to bless with the revelation of this last day, as brought by the prophet spoken of in Malachi 4. Praise God!

So then, what are we doing about it?

Now He has cried out to this last age, “You have the Word. You have more Bibles than ever, but you are not doing anything about the Word except dividing and hacking it into pieces, taking what you want and leaving out what you don’t want. You are not interested in LIVING it, but debating it. I would sooner you were cold or hot. If you were cold and rejected it, I could stand that. If you would get white hot to know its truth and live it, I would praise you for that. But when you simply take My Word and don’t honor it, I in return must refuse to honor you. I will spue you out for you nauseate Me.”

Do we divide and hack the Word into pieces? Are we drawing “fences” around our particular “views” of the message? “If you don’t see it this way, I question whether or not you have revelation”. Ha! I say! Does not the Holy Spirit have to quicken this Word into our hearts to make it alive? So if I don’t see what you see in the Word, please pray for me, don’t be vindictive and say I’m lost!

I’ve been told my stance on this sort of thing is ecumenical. I don’t think it’s ecumenical. I’m not being wishy washy…but neither am I building walls to protect my particular doctrine. In short, I’m not taking part of this Word that I see and building a denomination around it.

Forgive me if I love my brothers who see things a bit differently than I do. Forgive me if I fellowship with them as well. That is, if you really feel I need forgiveness for doing such.

I’m just trying to LIVE the Word. God, let me be a sheep that I may just follow you and bear wool. May I be a new branch off the orange tree…and BEAR ORANGES.

“By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples – that ye have love one for another”.

That came out differently than I’d planned. Much harsher. I’m sorry. I’ve just seen to much of people bickering over the Word. May we LIVE it as the prophet said.

God Bless you richly,

-Bro Trevor

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