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What a real Christian does.

47 How Mr. Lily, pastor Lily, he’s a wonderful school–a wonderful Bible teacher, Mr. Lily is; he gets down into the dark, the dark place; he pushed hisself up through the darkness of the earth. So what to do, to glorify himself? To glorify everything that comes in contact with him. And he has to toil day and night to keep his radiance of beauty, to keep the perfume a-flowing. He’s pulled day and night from the earth to give out.
That’s what a real Christian does. You pray and humble yourself, and keep before God day and night in order you might give yourself to somebody else. Not what you keep, it’s what you give that counts. You must give yourself out to others. That’s the way Jesus did. He gave Hisself to others.

How much are you giving? Have you merely received the Word for our day? Or are you giving it as well?

Keep before God, that you might give yourself to somebody else. What a task!!

Let’s take this mountian.

-Bro Trevor

How to print "booklet style" Message Books from the Table Software PDFs.

I’ve finally recorded the video tutorial for how to print message books from The Table Software in booklet style.

Click here to download and watch the smaller file (10M) tutorial.
Click here to download and watch the larger file (70M) tutorial.

You’ll need the latest version of Adobe Reader to print the books in the booklet style.

*edit* Printer update. I was showing how to do this to a friend of mine with an HP printer. Their printer printed the LAST page first. In this scenario, you would have to take all the pages, reorder them first to last, and place them back into the paper tray for it to print out correctly. Remember, if your printer prints last to first, you may have to reorder them. My Canon R200 prints first to last, and so all I do is take the paper, as is, and flip it vertically, and place back into the paper tray.

*edit* Permissions. Yes, it is ok to print out the PDFs for personal use. That’s why they were included in the Table software.

From the help manual that comes with The Table – “The software edition PDFs used for printing in The Spoken Word format also have not all been through Voice Of God Recordings’ normal editing process.”

Thanks to anyone expressing concerns over this.

Gone Fishin

Young Foundations has a new post about missionary efforts in Slovenia and Croatia. It sounds to me like they were doing the old fashioned “passing out tracts” except it was message books. The similar post on lets us know that in this instance, the missionaries didn’t even speak the same language.

Following this post was this quote:

“And I believe that every man, every woman, every boy or girl that ever stays long enough that you’re convinced that it is right, and it is the Holy Ghost, you’re burdened so hard in your heart that you can’t stand still and let these people die like this in shame and sin. It’ll grind the very heart out of you to get out here on these streets.” – Convinced and then Concerned.

My thoughts immediate drift to our efforts here in the States. Are we merely called to just financially and prayerfully support ministries such as VGR? Or should we also be burdened in heart to “get out here on these streets”??

Could I be doing more than I am? I’m certain of it.

I think underlying in our unwillingness to go out and “seek and save that which was lost”are thoughts such as “it wont do any good”. Or that “here in American no one will hear anymore.” We think, “God is working in other places, but not here. God is moving amongst the people in foreign lands, but it’s over there.”

Can you identify with that or am I the only strange one?

I’m certain this outlook is not correct.

I’m sure these brothers had rejections. I’m sure there were people that didn’t want to take the books they were handing out. You know what? I bet it didn’t hurt.

We always talk about how powerful the Word of God is. Yet, how many times do we think about how powerful the Word of God would be if we just got it in someones hands. If we were to just speak it in their ears. God said His Word would not return to him void, but that it would accomplish that which He sent it. Do we believe this?

So, what do we do? Do we begin to sacrifice our cozy Laodicean American lives, and begin to share the Gospel and this Message to others?

Solid part of the feeling – "rivers of water run down my eyes"

Leadership, 1965 –
“Give us of Thy love. Get us to a place, Lord, that we’ll get away from all the–the emotional part, to the real solid part of the feeling, the heartfelt part, the deepness of the Spirit, the riches of God, the Kingdom of the Spirit in our hearts. Grant it, O great Leader, great Holy Spirit, before You take Your flight into the skies with Your church.”

(I know I’ve never really finished this series, but I still think about it quite a bit. )

PSALM 119:136
136 ¶ Rivers of waters run down mine eyes, because they keep not thy law.

PSALM 119:158
158 ¶ I beheld the transgressors, and was grieved; because they kept not thy word.

Are you, like the psalmist, beholding the transgressors and grieving? Are rivers of waters running down your eyes? Where is your concern for the lost?

THE.SEAL.OF.THE.CHRIST, 1955 ” That’s right. Oh, my, pulling feathers in the hat and so forth, when we ought to be on our knees crying for the sins, and the abomination, and the disgrace that’s done into the city. We seem to be so unconcerned about the lost. Amen. Amen. That’s right. You know that’s the truth. Unconcerned about the lost… “Just so our church makes it, so we have the greatest congregation Sunday.” All stay home Sunday night and look at the television.Today I was in one of the biggest churches in the city. One of the members said, “We have three thousand people here on Sunday morning; Sunday night we don’t have half of it.” They all come to church to do their religion, and go back home, look at the television, take a little ride out in the country. Why, it’s a disgrace. It shows there’s something lacking in the heart. Amen.”

Are you so selfish as to be concerned with yourself and your doing your Sunday duty and living the life above sin? I tell you, it is not enough!! What is the greatest commandment? That you love your neighbor as yourself.

O man! Do you not know that you are a wretch as well?? Did you have a mother, father, or friend that cried out to God over you to bring you to where you are? It is now your turn! Are you sharing this hope that lieth within you?? Are you pleading in prayer for others?

Compare your heart, to the heart of the Psalmist and then let the tears flow like rivers of waters. Let there be nothing “lacking in the heart”!

"God, walking on two feet."

THE.STATURE.OF.A.PERFECT.MAN_ JEFF.IN V-2 N-18 SUNDAY_ 62-1014M 49-3 Now, that is the house that God dwells in, not a building with a big bell on top of it and a high steeple (See?), but, “a body has Thou prepared Me,” a body that God can dwell in, God can walk in, God can see in, God can talk in, God can work in (Amen.), living instrumentality of God. God walking on two feet in you. Glory. “The footsteps of the righteous is ordered of God,” God walking in you, for ye are written epistles, read of all men. And if the Life that’s in Christ be in you, you’ll bear the Life that Christ bore.

This morning I was listening to one of the new messages put out just recently by VGR. One of the statements Bro Branham made reminded me of the above quote. So it was that I was walking into work thinking “God, walking on two feet, in me, down the sidewalk. God, walking on two feet, in me, up the stairs.”

I don’t have to tell you how this is a wonderful way to start your work day.

While this is a really cool thought, and really excites me. God took the thought deeper this morning. This morning, I began to think “God, help me to humble myself, so that you can shine through me, so that others can see, ‘God walking on two feet in me'”.

Make me a servant Lord. Help me to be humble.

May I be a written epistle. May I not just posses your Life, but may I bear your Life.

Exceeding Joy

What things give you joy?

Fields of flowers.


Peaceful streams.

New car.

New clothes.

Getting married.

Having kids.

Tucking the kids in at night.





Blue Skies.



Nothing…nothing…nothing will ever compare to what this verse describes

JUDE 1:24
24 Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy,

Can words describe that day? Standing, faultless before the presence of His Glory.

“Enter thou into the joys of my Lord”

No wonder we’ll have EXCEEDING joy.

Decisions… release!

Young Foundations (a ministry of Voice of God Recordings) new website is released!

Be sure to watch the Decisions flash presentation. It really makes a statement I think. What decision will you make?

Another thing that looks really neat is the tape of the month, complete with a quiz to drive home some of the things Bro Branham spoke about. I really think this will be something that will help the young people have something to talk about in their fellowship with each other. “Did you hear the part where Bro Branham said …. wasn’t that awesome? I had never thought of that! God really spoke to me through that.” I think that will be a conversation in the near future for some young people!

I’m sure the little ones will also enjoy the games, and the color pages, and fun things like that!

Diligently Quick Post

I read the following scripture in my daily studies this morning. I thought it was post worthy for sure.

The soul of the sluggard desireth, and hath nothing: but the soul of the diligent shall be made fat.

Are you desiring a close walk with the Lord, but find yourself lacking?

Be diligent in seeking Him.

God Bless you richly!

-Bro Trevor

(P.S. The final post of the “heartfelt emotion” series is coming…really…)

The real solid part of the feeling, the heartfelt part (Part IV tag on, sighing and crying)

“When the wickedness of the wicked grieves and humbles and distresses Christians. Sometimes Christians do not seem to mind anything about the wickedness about them. Or, if they do talk about it, it is in a cold, and callous, and unfeeling way, as if they despaired of a reformation: they are disposed to scold sinners–not to feel the compassion of the Son of God for them. But sometimes the conduct of the wicked drives Christians to prayer, breaks them down, and makes them sorrowful and tender-hearted, so that they can weep day and night, and instead of scolding the wicked they pray earnestly for them. Then you may expect a revival. Indeed, it is begun already.” – Charles Finney

The real solid part of the feeling, the heartfelt part (Part IV, sighing and crying)

(author’s note – The point of this series has been to highlight what correct and proper emotions are. To explore the “real solid part of the feeling, the heartfelt part.” We want to know what real emotions are, and what worked up emotions are. We want to know what real heartfelt feelings will do. I hope you are finding this series beneficial.)

“Get us to a place, Lord, that we’ll get away from all the–the emotional part, to the real solid part of the feeling, the heartfelt part, the deepness of the Spirit, the riches of God, the Kingdom of the Spirit in our hearts. Grant it, O great Leader, great Holy Spirit, before You take Your flight into the skies with Your church.” (Leadership – 1965)

In speaking of proper emotion one must think about “sighing and crying”. This is obviously a very emotional process. One doesn’t sigh or cry unless there is an emotional connection.

Here’s an example of Bro Branham mentioning “sighing and crying”STRAIT.IS.THE.GATE_ JEFF.IN CH 35-66 SUNDAY_ 59-0301M
117 Now, we’ve come to a day where the abo–abomination of the people… And the Angel’s went forth sealing again. Find me one person in Jeffersonville, if you want to know who’s going to make it, find me one person in our city that sighs and cries, constantly bothered and wearied, and praying for the abominations that’s done in the city. Can you raise your hand and put it on one person? Then take this Scripture, “Strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, that leadeth to Life, few there’ll be that find it.” That’s the only ones that was to be sealed.

Of course, when we come across these quotes, our natural tendency, believing we have the Holy Spirit is to inwardly make ourselves sigh. “Oh, yes.” we say “it’s just terrible what goes on in this town. The sin is just bad.” Then we tell ourselves since we just did such, that obviously we have the Holy Ghost.

Tell me you’ve never done that. I know I have.

Bro Branham said in that quote “constantly bothered and wearied”. We sort of look over that one right? I mean, there’s work, school, kids, house, church, fellowships, and all kinds of things to keep your average believer so busy, they don’t have time to THINK about the abominations done in the city, let alone “sigh and cry” for them right?

“Besides, who wants to think about abominations? I’d rather pretend they didn’t exist.” Right there we show we have lost feeling for the lost. Did not Christ have feeling for the lost? Should not then we, who bear his spirit, have the same heartfelt feeling?

The reference Bro Branham is using is from Ezekiel 9. It is a time of rather harsh judgment from God, over the cities of Judah. Certainly the entire world is close to this history repeating itself.EZEKIEL 9:4 – 6
4 And the LORD said unto him, Go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, and set a mark upon the foreheads of the men that sigh and that cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst thereof.
5 ¶ And to the others he said in mine hearing, Go ye after him through the city, and smite: let not your eye spare, neither have ye pity:
6 Slay utterly old and young, both maids, and little children, and women: but come not near any man upon whom is the mark; and begin at my sanctuary. Then they began at the ancient men which were before the house.

Bro Branham typed this spiritually to having the “mark” spoken of in Ezekiel 9:4 being typed to the Holy Ghost. The inference is, those who don’t have the Holy Ghost, are slain as is done in verses 5 and 6. This isn’t taking place in the land of the Assyrians or Amalekites or mean enemies somewhere else. This is starting at Jerusalem, the very temple itself.

Not having the Holy Ghost means you don’t have a part of God Spirit, a part of God’s own life inside of you. This brings judgement.

Having the Holy Ghost inside you means, that you will be sighing and crying for the abominations done in your land and even in your own church.

Yes, this sighing and crying isn’t the cheap inward sigh we do to make ourselves feel good. It’s a heartfelt feeling that God has placed inside of us.

Bro Branham also described it as:

Let me just give you a little twister here just a minute. I’d say, “How many has the Holy Ghost?” All of you raise up your hand. I’d say, “All right, I’ll see if you have.” The Bible said that they that had the Holy Ghost sighed and cried day and night for the abominations done in the city. Now, how many hands would go up? How many of you can’t rest at night, so full of joy and the power of God, and so sad for the people that’s lost, that day and night you weep and cry for the abominations? You won’t… See? Who would be that in the city? How many of that’s in the church? That’s what the Bible said the Holy Spirit evidence was.

How well have you been resting at night? Full of joy and power, and sad at the same time? Are you weeping day and night? Do you have heartfelt feeling? Do you have the Holy Ghost?

If you do, you’ll have heartfelt feeling like this. Not just an inward sigh.

Stop and think about it for awhile.

God Bless,

-Bro Trevor