Black History Month: Still Looking for millions to be killed?

63-0628M O.LORD.JUST.ONCE.MORE I wish I could talk to Martin Luther King. That man, being a Christian, don’t know he is leading his people right into a death trap, where there is going to be millions of them killed. See? He is wrong. 

63-0721 HE.CARES.DO.YOU.CARE_ JEFFERSONVILLE.IN V-12 N-4 SUNDAY_ « 16 † It’s inspired of the wrong thing, you see, see, they, them people. And that’s the reason I say that, not that there is any–any prophecy concerning it. I have nothing on it from the Lord. And be you sure now, if I say anything from the Lord like that, to tell you, it’s always… I’m speaking now. But when He speaks, I say “It’s not me, it’s THUS SAITH THE LORD.” And I can’t say it until He tells me. I could be altogether wrong in my thought about Martin Luther King. I don’t know, I can’t say. That’s just my opinion.

 63-0707M THE.INDICTMENT_ My, goodness! If the people ain’t got heart enough to associate with a man because of his color, they’re condemned and dead, anyhow. The nation gives them right. Don’t fight against it. Don’t. What if somebody said all the Irish or somebody, all the German, or somebody else, had to disassociate? That would never bother Christians. They would move right on. And that man’s a Christian. 

65-0815 AND.KNOWETH.IT.NOT_ JEFFERSONVILLE.IN V-2 N-10 SUNDAY_ Look at nineteen people being killed, racial. Didn’t I tell you, here not long ago, that that Martin Luther King would lead his people to a massacre? How many remembers that? [Congregation says, “Amen.”–Ed.] It isn’t them colored people; it’s them leaders stirring them up. It isn’t integration, segregations, and whatever they want to call it; it’s the devil. That’s right. Not only to the white, colored; this is all of them. It’s the devil.

  • Nathan Bryant I wonder how many have been killed due to race riots, racial animosity, etc since then? He never said it would be a million people at one time. Just because something isn’t fulfilled the way we assume it will be doesn’t mean it isn’t / won’t be fulfilled.

    Many probably thought Elijah’s prophecy of Ahab was false when dogs didn’t come lick his blood on Mt. Ramoth-Gilead, but one little armor-bearer saw the vision fulfilled when he took the king’s chariot back to wash the blood out in the pool of Samaria.

  • Trevor Emond It can also be that it wasn’t a prophecy as he told us. This was his opinion and he told us such. His point was the inspiration behind it was dangerous and that if it continued, it very well could start a bloody revolution.

    Bro Humes’ mother was very tore up about what Bro Branham had said about it. She saw him in a grocery store one time and asked him about it, and Bro Branham replied that was no different than any minister offering his opinion on it. Bro Humes told me of this himself. 

    When I came across the quote from He Cares Do You Care, I felt there was truth to that. He then goes on to relate the 19 deaths in Birmingham as part of it.

  • Trevor Emond So we find a balance is good. People shouldn’t say, “oh, guess he missed that one”, yet we understand what he was talking about.
  • Nathan Bryant It is probably impossible to tally it world-wide since then, and it wasn’t a ‘prophecy’, but I don’t think we should just throw it aside and say ‘oh well’ because it didn’t have THUS SAITH THE LORD behind it. It probably has been or is being fulfilled gradually. God has performed many things that his prophets have spoke through the ages that weren’t THUS SAITH.
  • Trevor Emond Going to bitterly disagree and stop fellowshipping with you now.
  • Nathan Bryant Fine! Be that way! I’ll just draw the circle bigger and draw you back in! 
  • Nathan Bryant Headline: “Contention between 2MM so great they were able to reach twice as many people!”

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