Bound by the World (PartII)

Wow – Bro Trevor sure knows how to tell it like it is doesn’t he? I wanted to make my reply to his last post as its own post, as what he shared with us really struck home with some things I’ve been thinking on as well.

While some of you may get hurt or offended or take what Bro Trevor is saying as legalistic; I think any of you who do this are missing the main point.

Back in the 50’s and 60’s Bro Branham blasted music live Elvis, and the Beatles, and TV shows like I Love Lucy, and movies where it was “almost public adultery”. Many ‘Message Believers’ today won’t watch those shows he spoke about directly, or listen to the music that he blasted from the pulpit, but when it comes to ‘other music’ or ‘other movies’ today which are far worse when you really think about the content – but he didn’t name their actual names or movie titles, so they’re okay because they’re ‘not that bad’.

How many times have I been guilty of this? Remember the Bible Study where there was the big discussion about people who won’t watch ‘The Alamo’ because Bro Branham (per a sister’s testimony) walked out of the theatre because there was one or two curse words – but the same people will sit and watch R rated movies with a multitude of cursing.

Have we missed the point? How many movies have I bought and thrown away later because I felt condemned to have them in my home? How many CD’s have I done the same with? I’m sure many of you brothers and sisters have the same struggle. And we struggle NOT to make it legalism either because if that’s all it is we’re STILL missing the point.

I was sick over the past two weeks and while I’ve been trying to cut down on the amount of movies I watch and especially what kind of content they have I was sitting around the house for days on end and had listened to tapes, read my Bible, prayed, work was slow… So I found myself watching some old holiday movies and wound up fighting a mental battle – “Am I not consecrated as much as I should be because I’m watching more movies than I have been because I’m sick – or am I being legalistic because I’m letting old ‘classic’ Christmas movies / etc make me
question these things”.

The conclusion I came to is – I’m not going to be legalistic about it, but I’m not going to let it creep in and take over my prayer life, or take over my Bible time, or tape time. And I’m not going to let the filth of the world (as Bro Trevor was talking about) continue to penetrate my home, my thoughts, and my time.

I’ve been doing a lot of searching on ‘revival in our day’ over the last month or so, and I believe the Bride can still have a revival, but its going to take individuals who are ready to die out to themselves.

I had a house cleaning when I first moved into our new home and threw out a lot of my old DVD’s and music that ‘weren’t that bad’. I want to keep our little home a place where the Holy Spirit could feel welcome. I feel like if I don’t love Him enough to sacrafice worldly entertainments that are going to keep me from getting closer to Him then I need to start over again somewhere.

Bring back the new again. Send a revival. Start the work in me.

-Bro Nathan

What we need today is an old fashion God sent revival. Clean up the home. Clean up the heart. Get things ready. Start a revival in your home and it’ll begin at the church. Preacher don’t bring it in his briefcase; God sends it from heaven to the individuals. That’s true.

But look at it today, all these movies and things, and one big conglomeration of kissing and hugging. And it’s absolutely almost public adultery everywhere, and the people so blind they don’t see it.


  1. Anonymous says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAMen. That was great and true. Thank you Bros. for the wounderful work that is being put forth. I will see you in march. God Bless! Bro. James Rothstein ( Shalom

  2. Queen of Sheba says:

    Dear Brothers,
    This is my first visit here and I am very impressed with all the comments. You certainly hit the snake in the head and you cannot be criticized for you are only saying what the Prophet said.
    I agree with it all and yet, I too am not 100% free of all the programs “laced” with contamination. Although I refuse to watch anything Rated R and even most pg-13’s for language, etc., I
    know it’s wrong to “flirt” with the world. Every day I try to draw closer to Him and though it seems like “baby steps” I know that it’s a spiritual war that we, the Bride must constantly battle.
    While some seem stronger than others, nevertheless it takes a Birth for all. A Birth that brings in the manifestation of the Literal Life of Christ…until that Birth takes place and God accepts my daily sacrifice as doing the best that I humanly can, I am simply one with a “hope so.”
    But every day I strive and wait for that Holy Fire to come and consume out all the dross from out of me. An official acceptance into His Kingdom. When I see the Life live out of me automatically, then I’ll know that it’s no longer me, but Him that lives out through me.
    I certainly will come back to read future posts on this inspiring website.
    God bless you and this ministry of
    two ministers.

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