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Schimpffs Confectionary

Click the following link to read an honorable mention of Brother Branham on the Schimpffs Confectionary webpage.
Believers from around the world have visited Schimpff’s to purchase the little jars of the red hots made famous by Brother Branham’s reference to them, and the healing of Mr. Schimpff in the following quote:
And a fellow down here, Schimpff’s Candy place. Is Mr. Schimpff here tonight? I’d like for him to tell it, if he is here. Sonny Schimpff, great healthy man. Many times when I used to…
I hate to say this, but it’s the truth. Pop used to give me a dime if I worked all week, and I’d came to town and park my bicycle around at Brother Mike Egan’s place, one of the trustees here. With Jimmy Poole, I think his son is here tonight; Jim and I, and Earnest Fisher, and we would go down town, and go to the picture show for a nickel, and we used to see the old still pictures. We was little kids, and wanted to, about eight, ten years old. We had that William S. Hart. Many of you guys don’t remember him, the old actor. Still pictures; and I couldn’t read. I’d just have to watch what was going on. And it would have to spell it all out, and I couldn’t make it, but I’d watch what he was doing.
And I’d have an extra nickel. And how many remembers getting a penny ice cream cone? All right. I could get three ice cream cones, and two-pennies worth of red hots. I couldn’t hold the ice cream cone, so I would eat them. And get me two-pennies worth of red hots, it would be almost a half a pound of them things. And Schimpff’s made them. And I’d go in there, and sit back and watch William S. Hart.
And this young fellow, a little older than I, stricken down with a disease, that five noted specialists of Louisville passed him by, weighing about forty-five pounds, and was dying. Mrs. Morgan was nursing him. And he was in such a condition! He had so many things; his lungs was gone, his throat was gone. His little arms was just about that big around, and he was lying there, dying.
And Mrs. Morgan was hired to come on the job. So she said to him, “I was once the cancer patient,” and began to tell him.
He said, “Who did you say, Billy Branham? Why,” he said, “I’ve sold him a many a bunch of red hots and ice cream cones.” He said, “Wonder if he’d come pray for me?” And I went over to pray for Junie Schimpff.
And now if you would like to talk to him, it’s Schimpff’s Candy down here, right next door, or second door from LeRose Theatre, down the street. Schimpff’s Candy, all of you here know where that’s at. My, it’s one of the oldest establish in Jeffersonville.
And while lying there, dying, with five specialists giving him just hours to live. It was THUS SAITH THE LORD, “You’ll not die; but you’ll sell me again red hots, over the counter.” Long…
I knowed he got well, but long had I forgotten that. And wife and I was going down to buy some candy, when we got here at Christmas. And how, I don’t know, that we ever thought of Schimpff’s. Cause, usually, go over here to some of these drugstores and pick it up, but we stopped in front of Schimpff’s.
When I went in, his sister looked, and she said, “Well, Brother Branham.” She said, “You remember Junie?”
I said, “Yes.” And there, a great big, strong, healthy-looking fellow.
And I walked over to the counter, looked at it, looked down like this. I said, “I’ll take a pound of those red hots.”
And he said, “Yes, sir.” So, his sister was waiting on my wife. And, so, he got them out.
And I said, “I used to eat them, a long time ago, over here in the picture show”; keep my head down.
And he said, “Yeah,” said, “many of the kids buy that.” “They still buy,” I said.
He said, “My father made that, fixed up that formula.” I said, “I really like them.”
Now, after he got it all fixed out and hand it to me, said, “Is there anything else?”
And I said, “I don’t know,” and raised up. Oh, my! He said, “Brother Branham!”
I said, “Here is the red hots, that, I told you, ‘THUS SAITH THE LORD,’ about five years ago.”
He said, “Brother Branham, I am so completely healed, there is not even one effect. I’m a tiny bit hard hearing in one ear.” I guess he is in his fifties. He said, “I’m a tiny bit hard hearing in one ear, because they give me so much antibiotic when I was in there.” Amazing grace of Jesus Christ!

Temper Fit

The next time you reach the boiling point, and are ready to throw something across the room, or turn red in the face and start yelling at someone; please remember these quotes…
– Brother Nathan

Jesus said, “Take your leave. But come out of him.” Amen. Oh, my. Little bitty Guy like that speaking to that big legion of devils. “Come out of him. You have your leave.” And they got into those hogs, and they had fits, run them hogs into fits. And down the way they went to the river and drowned in the river, choked themselves in the river. Isn’t that right?
Now, when they did… Of course the devils went out of them, ’cause it killed the hogs. It just run them into a fit.
They had a fit just like anyone. Did you ever see a person have a temper fit? Well, that’s just–that’s just what it is. That’s just them devils. That’s what happened to them. You ever see one of them having a temper fit, you say, “Oh, uh-huh, I know what happened in Gadara now.” See? That’s just exactly. Just a few more come in there, run him completely insane; ’cause the medical doctor will tell you that temper is the first stage of insanity. That’s what Mayo says, the first stage of insanity.

You know, I–I was telling the boys awhile ago coming over, I said about how we must be happy all the time. God don’t want you to be sad. You know what ill temper does? And that old temper, that’s one of the awfullest old things. And it–it’s about sixty percent of the cause of all sickness is temper. Yes, sir, them tam–tantrums you fly loose, remember, you just developing a cancer, ulcer, or something like, when you do it. When you get all stewed up about somebody, “I won’t go back there any more. Wait till I give them a piece of my mind.” All right. Remember, you’re the one’s going to pay for it. Just keep happy.

God don’t want you to be frowning. God wants you to be happy. The human heart was made to be happy. Worry will cause cancer. Temper will cause cancer. Don’t never be upset. Just walk in His love. Amen. Knowing that you’re walking in Him, and nothing can harm you.

Even Christians, it’s bothering them. See some of them all pressured up, and snap you off, enough temper all built up like they’re going to blow up. What’s the matter? Something wrong. That shouldn’t be. Temper comes from Satan.
You got a temper that just makes you fly loose; that’s the devil. He bites you; he will poison your experience. It’s like sulfuric acid. It’ll kill you, and you’ll be lost.
That’s the way a drunkard does, or demon possessed: run into one of these temper fits and kick everything around the house. You ought to be ashamed of yourself, that even belong to church and maybe on the deacon board.
People can jump up-and-down and shout all night long, and speak in tongues, like pouring peas on a dry cowhide, walk right out the next morning with enough temper to fight a buzz saw. Go right on out and tell something in the church that’ll cause the whole church to be broke up. It’s nothing in the world but enticing demon spirits.
No matter how long you’ve been a Christian, do you still got those little old spirits that talk to you, makes you fly loose, makes you talk about somebody? When somebody comes up and goes to speaking about somebody else, you join right in with them and oh, just run them down? That’s wrong, brother; don’t do that. That’ll finally keep you out of the promised land.

What is the living God?

A good friend of mine read this quote to me yesterday.

We are made partakers of His holiness. We, in His image, we are living images of a living God. Then dead to self, raised with Him (Now, listen, listen to this.), His Word made flesh again in us. (O Brother Neville…) Look. What is it? Not the mythical, imaginary god setting out there, but the living God… What is the living God? The Word in you making Itself real. Whew. Glory to God. Oh, I know you think I’m a holy-roller. Maybe I am. But, oh, brother, do you see it? Triumph over every denomination, triumph over all paganism, a living God made manifest in a living temple. And the Word of God, which is God, is made flesh in you. Why? You’re seated in heavenly places, triumphed over all things in Christ Jesus. Amen. (William Branham, Christianity vs. Idolatry)

The Word in you making Itself real.

Are you a part of that?

Think about it:

  • Does the Word make itself real in you?
  • Does it produce more than your idea of correct doctrine?
  • Does it bring your body in subjection to the Word of God?
  • Does it produce the fruits and life of a Christian?
  • Does it bring you into Holiness, and away from the things of the world?

Are you growing in Holiness, Grace, Humility, and Power? Or do you sit starchly and smugly in the “knowledge” that you have correct doctrine and are therefore Bride?

Don’t get me wrong, I believe our correct doctrine helps us to “Triumph over every denomination, triumph over all paganism” but is that all it means for the Word to be made real?

Look a few sentences before that statement. “Then dead to self”. There it is! You need that too! Being dead to self brings you into holiness and purity. Being dead to self brings you into complete humility. It’s all about Him!!

Please consider this thought in your next prayer time.

God Bless,

Bro Trevor

Living Representative

Here’s some quotes I particularly enjoyed in the last few services we’ve had.

BEHOLD.A.GREATER.THAN.SOLOMON.IS.HERE_ COLUMBIA.SC TUESDAY_ 62-0612 E-68 Now, that’s contrary to God. See? God is not a idol; God is a Spirit, and we prostrate ourselves before that. And the Spirit don’t come into some idol, as some so-called Christians would have us to believe, but the Spirit comes into you. And you are God’s house, living…?… walking around, manifesting the living God. For God dwells not in temples made with hands, “but a body hast thou prepared Me.”You are God’s letter, a written epistle. God is in you, manifesting Himself through. If you could prostrate yourself before God, and say, “God, I’m a sinner. Come into me,” and then the Holy Spirit comes in, and then you’re a living idol of God, living representative of God, walking around with God speaking through your lips to others.

BE.NOT.AFRAID_ SOUTH.GATE.CA WEDNESDAY_ 62-0620 E-85 But this is my ministry that He give me a gift. And that gift is to shake the church to bring it to a recognition of the coming of Christ, the return of the Spirit of God in the church. It’s on you, the same Spirit. It might not be the same gift, but the same Spirit. There’s different manifestations, but the same Spirit all the time. The same Holy Ghost you got is the same Holy Ghost I got, the same Holy Ghost we all got. It’s all the children of God.

Off I go now. Manifesting Him. Walking around with Him speaking through MY lips to others.

God Bless,

Bro Trevor

"I’d rather be standing on the Word of God than standing in heaven"

Things That Wasn’t So From The Beginning 61-0120
  To make this point, the old darkie, here somewhere in the South, one time made a statement, said he’d “rather be standing on the Word of God than stand in the heavens”. They asked him why. He said, “Cause both heaven and earth will pass away, but God’s Word shall not.” That’s right. We got to stay on the Word.

Faith Cometh By Hearing 54-0320
  He said, “I’d rather be standing on the Word of God than standing in heaven,” (that’s what it was), “than standing in heaven.” He said, “For heavens and the earth both will pass away, but the Word of God shall not pass away.” So that’s right. When God said so, that settles it.
  I heard Brother Branham make this statement the other day, and I thought it was astounding. I don’t think our human minds can ever fully realize how privileged we are to have the Perfect Word. 
  If we can only stay behind that Word and get ourselves out of the way so it can be manifested in our own lives, then the Church Age Book (page 16) promises; “With true revelation in our lives, the gates of hell cannot prevail against us, but we will  prevail over them”!
Questions & Answers 2 64-0823e
  And we do have today, by God’s help, the perfect interpretation of the Word with Divine vindication.
The Identified Masterpiece Of God 64-1205
  That’s-that’s the Christian’s hope. It’s his-his shield. It’s his armor. It’s his rock today, is, stay behind the Word; every believer.
  Now you must never get from behind That. When you do, you, you’re opening the door to the enemy, when they say, “Oh well, you can do a little of this, and a little of that”. God wants you to separate yourself from everything that’s called sin. Completely set aside from Him, and for He only.

Putting On The Whole Armor Of God 62-0607
  That’s where we make our mistake. We make our mistake when we get from behind the Word. So I believe all Bible believers think it that way. We get from behind the Word, then we’re in trouble. But as long as you keep the Word ahead of us… Don’t get ahead of the Word; let the Word get ahead of you. See? You just let It go first, and you just live right behind It. It plows the ditch, and you just walk in it. See?

What a real Christian does.

47 How Mr. Lily, pastor Lily, he’s a wonderful school–a wonderful Bible teacher, Mr. Lily is; he gets down into the dark, the dark place; he pushed hisself up through the darkness of the earth. So what to do, to glorify himself? To glorify everything that comes in contact with him. And he has to toil day and night to keep his radiance of beauty, to keep the perfume a-flowing. He’s pulled day and night from the earth to give out.
That’s what a real Christian does. You pray and humble yourself, and keep before God day and night in order you might give yourself to somebody else. Not what you keep, it’s what you give that counts. You must give yourself out to others. That’s the way Jesus did. He gave Hisself to others.

How much are you giving? Have you merely received the Word for our day? Or are you giving it as well?

Keep before God, that you might give yourself to somebody else. What a task!!

Let’s take this mountian.

-Bro Trevor

“On Dangerous Ground”

A brother showed me this quote last night after church, and it really stuck with me. So many people in the Message have the EXACT mentality that Brother Branham is speaking about here. If they really believe EVERY Word what do they do with quotes like this?

We get so puffed up sometimes with the quotes that rub ‘our doctrine’ the right way, but some of these that really nail us to the wall we somehow skim over, at the same time saying we believe EVERY Word. Someone saying differently would be fighting words to us.

But can we apply what is being said, or are we just ‘amening’ with our lips?

“This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me.” -MATTHEW 15:8

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did:

And this little deer will get out to itself, away from the herd. That’s the one the wolf works on. And to you, old man or woman, when you separate yourself from believers… People say, “I can stay at home, be just as good a Christian as I can at church.” You can’t.
The Bible said, “Not forsake our assemble ourselves together, and that much more as we see the time coming.”
If you’re a Christian, you long to go where other Christians are, and fellowship with other Christians. So you cannot stay away from church and live the same life. You–you can’t do it, because it’s like, “I–I–I–I’m hungry, but I’ll never go to a table. I just… I’ll never eat. I just–I ain’t going to do it.” See? You’ve got to go and feed on the Word of God, and fellowship one with another.
We need one amother–another more now than we ever did need each other, is now. When you get yourself singled out from the rest of them making yourself just a little different, you don’t want to associate with them because they believe this, and don’t want to associate with that, you’re getting on dangerous ground, right then, keeping away from church. Find the one of your choice, and remain there, and be a Christian brother to all of them. That’s the way to be a real Christian. Then we’ve got fellowship, protection; people love you and pray for you.

Now lets apply it,
-Bro Nathan



I received emails from several different people this week who were fighting some battles, and I sent them these quotes as an encouragement during their trials. I thought I might as well share them with all of you as well. I trust they will be a blessing to you.

-Nathan Bryant

Someone come the other day, said somebody had said something bad about me and–and accused me of something that was wrong. And I said, “Oh forget it.”
Said, “How can you take it like that? That involves your family. That…”
I said, “Oh, my.” I said, “That was predestinated before the foundation of the world to give me a trial. I said, “Why, my, my, my. Sure, so that’s all right.”
Said, “How do you do it?”
I said, “If I looked right down this way, I’d be falling all the time.”

I KNOW JEFF, IN 60-0417S
We ask for comfort and peace; God gives us the best He could give us: trials and tribulations. That’s better than comfort and peace. Our comforts is just beyond the river.
It wasn’t until the Hebrew children was forced into the fiery furnace, on one of their most outstanding trials, that they seen One like the Son of God stand among them. Their troubles produced the Son of God standing among them in the breezes to wave away the heat wave. But not until they went into the fire did that Comforter appear.

I KNOW JEFF, IN 60-0417S
And why does God let troubles come? God harnesses trouble, puts bits in its mouth, and makes it obey Him, and those troubles bring us into a closer fellowship with God.

I KNOW JEFF, IN 60-0417S
Every Christian believer has to be pushed into those trials. Every Christian believer has to be put on the ash heap, so that he can come forth with an experience, “I know my Redeemer liveth.”

Shame on you, who profess to be a Christian and rely on such things for joy when the Holy Ghost Gospel is nothing but one great big powerhouse of joy. The Holy Ghost Gospel is a perfect intoxication for every man what’s got the blues. You’ll take a drink of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, be filled with the Holy Ghost you’re drunk until you leave this world. Amen. Joy unspeakable and full of glory… There’s a constant stimulation. It’s a constant intoxication: drunk day and night. Amen. That’s the Word of God.

Now, on this last verse, let’s sing it with bowed hearts now: Take the Name of Jesus with you as a shield from every snare. And when temptations around you gather, these things of Satan’s kingdom (See, see?) just breathe that Holy Name in prayer, that’s all; then walk away. It works. I’ve tried it. Just believe it, now, ’cause it will work, just breathe His Holy Name in prayer.

Remember Jesus. When the barrel gets empty at the house, and there’s no more flour, remember Jesus. When the doctor says there’s no more chance, remember Jesus. When the devil is tempting you; as we sing our dismissing song, “When temptations around us gather, breathe that holy Name in prayer.”

Rapturing Faith

I noticed the quote below from the message influence as we listened to it the other day.

Oh, if we could only realize that, that the Holy Ghost is upon us, creating in us a faith, trying to present Hisself in so many different ways and gifts to create a faith for a raptured Church. It should put us into action. But wonder if we’re just doing it the way he wanted it to be, with reverence and humility?
The Pillar of Fire in this last days ought to put the whole church into action, It being vindicated, signs of His coming at hand.

I thought it was really interesting that he said it was the Holy Ghost presenting Hisself in different ways and gifts TO create a faith for a raptured church. This reminded me of this next quote…

35-3 Oh, and I remember when He swept down there in that big Light, standing yonder at the bottom of the river, 1933, in June, when He said, “As–as John the Baptist was sent forth and forerun the first coming of Christ, I send you with a Message to the world to forerun the second coming of Christ.” And around the world she’s went, when revival fires had been built for fifteen years on nearly every mountain…?… Divine healing across the nations, and the power, and restoration… And now, I believe she’s ready to strike that final climax yonder to bring forth a faith that’ll rapture the Church into glory (It’s the truth.), and She’s laying in the Messages. We’re really at the end time. We’ve talked about it and everything, but the thing has moved upon us now. Hear them. Yes, sir. Here’s one. That’s right. 

Many take this quote and say “rapturing faith is laying in the Messages” while that certainly sounds good…it may not be actually what he was saying. Compared with the above quote in the message “Influence”, I think it creates a different picture.

Just my thoughts. I close some emails to some good buddies of mine with a caveat as we discuss doctrinal stuff. I’ll include the same here. 

Disclaimer! The above quotes, scriptures, and thoughts are in no way intended to create or start any doctrine or idea, but are merely ponderings and possibilities of the meaning of said Scriptures and quotes we are given to await revelation by the Holy Spirit to quicken them and make them alive and real to us.

-Bro. Trevor