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Signs and wonders still follow.

Then Jesus answering said unto them, Go your way, and tell John what things ye have seen and heard; how that the blind see, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, to the poor the gospel is preached.
And blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me. (Luke 7:22,23)


This winter has been especially cold, snowy, and icy for us in the Jeffersonville area.  With that we’ve had a difficult time keeping the sidewalks clean enough at the Tabernacle for it to be safe to have church without worrying about believers slipping and falling.

The brother that takes care of the maintenance at the church was out one Saturday trying to clean off some ice so we could have service the next day and as he was shoveling he ended up slipping and falling.

The doctors found a tear in his rotator cuff.  He was unable to lift his arm up, or even bend his elbow without searing pain.  It was sad to see him keeping rhythm with his left hand instead of his right as he led songs the past couple of services.  Well, Wednesday night, he was keeping the rhythm with his right arm, the one with the tear in the shoulder.  Bro Collins testified about it, saying that he couldn’t even lift his arm, but God had healed our brother and he could lift his arms above his head with no pain!  God also healed the problem he was having in his foot!

Truly God is merciful and good to us.  He didn’t promise us divine health, but He promised us divine healing.  Signs and wonders are STILL following the Message of the Hour.

Of course, you all heard about the brother who couldn’t speak for over 2 years, prayed the closing prayer in service (yes audibly!) about a year ago, right?

Prayer Requests

“… your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask Him.” (Matthew 6:8b)

Brother Frank Prater (Pastor of Eagle Lighthouse Tabernacle in Ft. Smith, Arkansas) alerted us to an urgent prayer request for little Laurie McGuire. She fell into a fire, and is not expected to live. She is only ten years old. Please remember this little girl in your prayers. I know that our God is more than able to restore her completely, and I pray that His Presence goes to her bedside now.

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” (Psalm 46:1)
Also please remember Daniel (Nathan) Phillips in prayer. He is the son of Brother James & Sister Betty Phillips, and the grandson of Brother Willard Collins (Pastor of the Branham Tabernacle in Jeffersonville, IN). Over fifty percent of his body was burned severely last week, and the last I heard his situation was very serious.
“... Hezekiah’s prayer changed the opinion of God. Oh, my. I like that. Prayer changes things. It’s the most powerful force that God ever put in the hands of man, is a sincere prayer offered to God. Jesus said, “Whatever you ask the Father in My Name, that I’ll do.” Believe it. Try it once, and see if it isn’t true.
We serve a present tense God who is more than able to come on the scene in both of these situations for His Glory & their good. “Prayer changes things“.
Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper 
and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.” (III John 1:2)

*** UPDATE *** 


Update on little Laurie McGuire (per Brother Frank Prater): “… talked to a friend of the family. He said she would recover. She must have fallen backward into a campfire. She will need skin grafts. Thank you for your prayers, and praise the Lord for this testimony.”

Please Pray For Sis. Claudia Quian


Praise Report (One Year Later) 

Click the link above for an update on Sis. Claudia Quian (02/16/2012)

Update On The Quian Family
Click the link above for an update on Sis. Claudia Quian (02/25/2011)

Click the link above for an update on Sis. Claudia Quian (02/14/2011)

Please remember Sis. Claudia Quian in prayer. She is the daughter of Bro. Jefte Quian (VGR Distributor in Chile). I have had the opportunity to spend some time with Bro. Jefte on several occasions, and he is a very precious brother, and a very dear friend of my wife’s family.

Bro. Jefte, and his family have suffered many hardships recently due to the major earthquake that struck their hometown, as well as the the aftermath of blackouts, violence, and aftershocks. Now doctors have diagnosed their oldest daughter (Sis. Claudia, who is only fifteen years old) with Guillain-Barre syndrome (which can cause paralysis, and respiratory failure).

What started as only some pain in her spine last Friday, has quickly turned into complete paralysis from her neck down.

Please remember Sis. Claudia in your prayers, as she is in desperate need of a  touch from the Great Physician. We know that in our darkest of hours is when Jesus comes and calls.

For more information visit the following link: VGR Prayer Request

We are going to believe with the Quian family that these symptoms are lying vanities (Jonah 2:1-10), and we know that our God is more than able to restore our sister’s physical health.

GOD IN HIS WORD (57-0323)
“You talk about a case of symptoms, he really had it. Why, if he looked this a way, it was the whale’s belly. If he looked that way, it was whale’s belly. Everywhere he looked was whale’s belly. There’s no one in here in that condition; I’m sure. But you know what he said? He refused to see any of it. He said, “They’re all lying vanities.” He said, “Once more will I look to Your holy temple.” That’s right.
You can’t hide a saint from his prayer. That’s the powerfulest weapon that man ever had…”

Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.” (III John 1:2)

Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases; Who redeemeth thy life from destruction; who crowneth thee with lovingkindness and tender mercies” (Psalm 103:3-4)

Three Year-Old Boy Kidnapped In Honduras

Please remember this little boy in prayer.

Click Here For More Details

I know I would want the Bride of Christ to unite in prayer if it was one of my little boys.

I cannot even imagine what he and his family must be going through, but we serve a mighty GOD Who is more than able able to return this child to his family safely and unharmed.

God bless you,

Bro. Nathan


Praise Report – Brother Lee Flemming

Brother Lee was released from the hospital yesterday!

We were forwarded an e-mail that included the following testimony from Brother Lee’s wife:

Thank you all for your prayers and offers of help. It meant a lot to me in this difficult time. Praise the Lord for His mercy to us. The doctors were all amazed at Lee’s recovery. They did not expect him to live much less make such a quick recovery. We kept giving the Lord the praise. We told the doctors we had lots of prayers going to the throne of God. And God heard and answered.”

God heard and answered the prayers of faith.

Thank you for your prayers.

To God be the glory!

– Brother Nathan Bryant

Update On Brother Lee Flemming



Brother Lee is doing well. He is awake and responsive (talking / etc).
He is off the ventilator & his shoulder surgery went well yesterday.
The X-rays of his lungs show improvement.
Prayer changes things!
Please continue to remember him in prayer for a continued and speedy recovery.

– Brother Nathan Bryant


Prayer Request For Brother Lee Flemming


A prayer request was e-mailed to us this morning for Brother Lee Flemming (a believer from Georgia) who was in a bad car accident on his way home from work yesterday.

Apparently Brother Lee was not feeling well at work so he left to go home, and was only a mile from his house when he passed out and rolled his car. Emergency workers had to cut Brother Lee our of the car.
Brother Lee is on a ventilator per our last reports, and has been going in and out of consciousness.
There is video footage of his vehicle after emergency teams arrived at the following FOX news link:
The first time we visited the Fox News link there was an unoffensive Target advertisement (that is muted unless you choose to un-mute it) before the news clip played. If there is anything offensive when you visit the site please report it by commenting on the post or by e-mailing so we can remove the link.
Please lift him up in your prayers, and we will keep this post updated with any further news on his condition.
– Brother Nathan Bryant

Nathanael’s Testimony

Nathanael Paul Bryant was born on
Thursday, October 1st at 8:27AM
He weighed 8lbs and was 20.5 inches long

Shortly after being weighed the nurses noticed that his respiratory levels were higher than they should have been. (This was caused because there was too much fluid in his little lungs making it more difficult for him to breath than normal).

Doctors would like to see a new-born’s respiratory numbers between forty and sixty, but they were bouncing as high as one hundred and forty. You could visibly tell when his numbers got that high because his little stomach was moving up and down with his breaths very rapidly.

The nurses initially put a little air tube on him with pressurized room air flowing through it to assist his breathing, but when his numbers did not improve they turned his oxygen level to forty percent (normal air that we breathe on our own is about 21% oxygen).

Because Rebekah had just went through surgery she had to stay in her room recovering (so she could not come in the nursery to be with him), and because he had to be on oxygen he could not come out of the nursery to her so they had to give him intravenous therapy (an IV) so he could receive nutrition and hydration.

This was very hard on Rebekah because she couldn’t be with Nathanael yet, and heartbreaking for me because I was by his side seeing them put the IV in his little hand, and watching his labored breathing, with his little oxygen tube in his nose.

When the nurse was trying to put the IV in she was having a really hard time finding his little veins, and I was praying the whole time that she wouldn’t have to keep sticking him with the IV. She missed the vein on the first attempt, but on the second try she told me she was successful and I said, “Thank The Lord!” She asked if I was “praying on that (try)”, and I told her, “I was praying on both (tries)!”

We had recently heard a tape while traveling that was made on Brother Branham’s fiftieth birthday (‘New Ministry’ 59-0406) where Brother Branham tells in detail the story of the healing of “Little Ricky” (a three month old baby that he prayed for in California that had cancer in the throat and jaws).

The story is heart-wrenching, and really tugged at our hearts as we thought of our little Philip and little Nathanael who was due to arrive in a few weeks.

Brother Branham mentions how Ricky’s “little arms had to be in splints” (the little paddles they strap the IV to so the baby doesn’t pull it out). I remember thinking at the time I had never seen that, and was thinking as they put them on Nathanael that I sure didn’t want to see them under those conditions.

Because of Nathanael’s respiratory problems (even though he was getting enough oxygen in) his lungs weren’t strong enough to push the right amount of carbon dioxide out, which was causing his blood’s pH levels to be off (the acidity was higher than normal).

As long as his respiratory numbers improved the pH levels would improve as well (because as his lungs got stronger they could push out more of the carbon dioxide), but if his respiratory numbers worsened then so would his pH level.

At this point our pediatrician decided it was time to bring over a specialist from Kosair Children’s Hospital in Louisville to determine if Nathanael needed to be taken to their hospital for more advanced care, or if it was alright for him to remain at the hospital with us.

Rebekah was already having a hard time coping with not being able to see her little baby boy in the condition he was in. I couldn’t bare the thought of having to tell her that they were going to have to take him across the river to a different hospital where she couldn’t see him for several days until she was released from the hospital herself. At least for the time being she had the comfort of knowing he was right down the hall and that I could update her frequently on his status.

I started praying that they would not have to take him to Kosair, and contacted family and friends (requesting them to do the same).

About an hour before the specialist arrived I notice that Nathanael seemed to have some fluid in his mouth, and was blowing little bubbles when he exhaled. I pointed the nurse’s attention to this and she sat him up. As soon as she sat him up he coughed up quite a bit of fluid and From That Time his respiratory numbers started improving.

When the specialist arrived he checked Nathanael’s current numbers with the documentation of his numbers over the past hours, and said that as long as his numbers continued to improve he could stay in the same hospital as Rebekah (which was an answer to prayer in itself).

Nathanael’s numbers continued to improve through Thursday night, and Rebekah was well enough to visit him in the nursery Friday morning, and hold him for the first time.

By Friday afternoon they decided to start taking him off the oxygen and see how he would do on his own.

I started praying that he would do fine without the oxygen, and called on family and friends to join with me once again in prayer for the same.

At 2PM on Friday afternoon they turned the oxygen down to ‘room air’, and he did fine for an hour so at 3PM they took him off the air completely. By 4PM he was doing better on his own than he had been with the oxygen!

I’m so thankful that we serve The God of Hebrews 13:8!

Nathanael and Rebekah both did so well Friday night that the pediatrician and Rebekah’s doctor release them both Saturday morning! (Two days is pretty early for a normal c-section Mom and baby to be released even without any complications).

By Saturday afternoon we had got his hospital pictures taken, filled out the information for his birth certificate, and were on the way home to let Philip see his new baby brother for the first time! (We didn’t bring Philip to the hospital because he couldn’t have gone into the nursery with him anyhow, and we were afraid seeing Nathanael with the oxygen tube and IV would just confuse and scare him).

We had been telling Philip about his little brother coming for months, and he was so excited when he saw him the first time he was squealing, and just wanted to hold him and kiss him all over.

Philip has been a very good brother and likes helping bring diapers to Mommy, and holding his brother, and tells us to ‘HURRY’ when he hears him cry.

When Rebekah took Nathanael to the pediatrician on Monday they found that his jaundice level was at seventeen (from what I understand if it gets up to twenty they need to be hospitalized). They sent a technician to our house with a table lamp (looks like a miniature suntan booth) that we had to keep him in around the clock for two days (except to feed him and change his diaper).

At one point Rebekah told Philip that Nathanael was sick, and Philip (who is two-and-a-half and has helped me pray for people before) laid his hand on Nathanael and said “Thank you Jesus, Amen’. It is one of the greatest things I’ve experience as a parent to witness Philip’s childlike faith in action several times recently.

We had a couple of long nights staying up in shifts with him under the lamp, but after two days his numbers were normal (Praise The Lord)!

Through it all Nathanael has been an incredibly good baby, and hardly ever cries (even through doctor visits, and his first shots, and getting his blood drawn so many times I’ve lost count).

He didn’t even cry when they gave him his IV, but the nurse said that was because his respiratory levels were so bad that he had to focus all of his energy on breathing and didn’t have enough strength to cry.

It sure was pitiful to see him like that, but thanks be to God he’s doing wonderfully now (as is his Mommy).

We wanted to share his testimony to give encouragement to other parents who may be going through similar circumstances, and to give praise to our Lord Jesus Christ for His healing power and deliverance.

God bless you and thank you for your prayers,

– Brother Nathan, Sister Rebekah, Philip, and Nathanael Bryant


This evening I was honored to baptize my brother-in-law in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. He’s been running from the Lord for awhile now, but God in His grace brought him back. This was the first time I’ve ever baptised anyone, and it was truly a honor and blessing. What a change my God can make in someone’s life.

What a reality He is! Praise His name!

God Bless you Amos. May He cause His face to continually shine upon you the rest of your days. Rest in you Lord and savior, Jesus Christ.

-Bro Trevor Posted by Picasa


A couple of nights ago I woke up at about 4 AM with my back very tense and my head all stuffy. I felt like I was coming down with something the whole day before. My wife woke up and asked me if I was alright. Knowing that I was very tired and not feeling well, I knew my faith just wasn’t there; I asked my wife to “pray for my faith”. I’m not sure what she actually prayed for…but she laid her hand on me and prayed.

I woke up a couple hours later and my head was quite clear. This morning, my back was not near as tight…and currently feels great.

God’s Word is very real, if we’ll just stand on it and believe.

– Bro Trevor

MARK 16:18
They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.