Florida Meetings (Jan. 2011) Part II

Friday (Jan. 14th)

After spending most of the day with Bro. Jack, and Bro. Trevor, I went by ‘Spirit & Truth Tabernacle‘ (Bro. Jack Duff – Pastor) to study for a while before the evening service.

The LORD was mindful of us, as we certainly felt His presence in the service Friday night. I preached on the topic of ‘The Bleeding Sacrifice’, emphasizing the need for sincerity when we accept the Sacrifice of the cross.

After the service, Bro. Jack invited the youth from ‘Spirit & Truth‘ to join us at a local pizza restaurant for some fellowship. We enjoyed the time we were able to spend with Bro. Jack, and Bro. Caleb Wesco (Bro. Jack’s nephew, who is also a young associate minister at ‘Spirit & Truth’) talking about the LORD, and discussing the evening service.

Saturday (Jan. 15th)

We drove the three hours from the East coast of Florida to Sarasota (on the West coast of Florida).

Bro. Trevor and I both had the privilege to speak in a Youth Service at the ‘House of Fellowship‘ (Bro. Danny Stemen – Pastor). I felt led to share my testimony, and then Bro. Trevor preached a stirring sermon on ‘Separation‘. Several believers responded by coming to the altar for prayer at the end of the service.

There was a ‘potluck‘ following the service, where we had a wonderful time of fellowship with Bro. Danny, and some of the other saints from Sarasota. We were truly blessed, and encouraged by the spirit of love, and unity that we felt from the believers there.

We stopped briefly in Okeechobee on our way back to West Palm Beach, Saturday night. Bro. Smiley, and his family were able to join us for a short time of fellowship together. It was good to see Bro. Smiley (my friend, and brother in Christ) again. He had been out of town ministering in Lima, Ohio during my last trip to Florida in December, so I had not seen him since May of 2010.

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