Florida Meetings (Jan. 2011) Part III

Sunday (Jan. 16th)

I dropped Bro. Trevor off in Boynton Beach at the ‘Assembly Of The Voice Of The Seventh Angel‎’ (Brother Jean Louis – Pastor) where he was to preach at their 8AM service, and then return to West Palm Beach to preach at ‘Spirit & Truth Tabernacle‘ (Bro. Jack Duff – Pastor).

On my last trip to Florida in December I had the privilege of speaking at the two Sunday morning services back to back like that, and it can be a pretty tight schedule.

I drove on to Miami where I preached the morning service at ‘Eagle’s Temple‘ (Bro. Bernard Jean-Mary – Pastor).

The saints in Miami seemed very responsive to what was being said during the service, and I trust that each one of us were a little closer to God when we left the church that day than we were when we had entered.

After the service I went to lunch with Bro. Bernard, and discussed some details of an upcoming overseas trip (Lord willing).

When lunch was over I drove back to West Palm Beach, arriving just in time to change clothes, update Bro. Trevor, and Bro. Jack with the details of my trip to Miami, and print off my sermon notes before leaving for the evening service in Boynton Beach.

I was happy that Bro. Trevor, and Bro. Jack were both able to go with me to this service, and we really had a good time in the LORD. This was the sixth service I had preached in five nights, so I was beginning to feel a little tired, but Bro. Jean brought me to the platform with the song ‘I Must Tell Jesus‘, and suddenly I didn’t feel so tired anymore.

I preached on ‘The Accepted Sacrifice‘, and the LORD impressed many things on my heart to share with the saints during the sermon for His Glory.

Bro. Jack sang a couple of songs at the end of the service, and then we said goodbye to our friends in Boynton Beach.

Bro. Jean, and the saints in Boynton Beach have come to hold a special place in our hearts. We have preached their frequently over the past year, and the LORD has always been gracious to send us a fresh outpouring of His Spirit every time we assemble there.

When I preached there on Thursday night (during this January trip to Florida) several of the brothers welcomed me ‘home’, and it has certainly come to feel like a second home because we always feel so welcome there.

After leaving Boynton Beach we stopped by ‘Rapturing Faith Tabernacle‘ (Bro. Darrel Wesco – Pastor), and were able to listen to the last part of their evening service.

Bro. Wesco had Bro. Trevor, and I come up to greet the saints at the end of the service, and it was certainly an honor to speak briefly to the believers there.

Bro. Trevor made the statement to me after the service that, “If we had not been (in the exact same place) ten years ago, then we would not be (here) now”.

It was ten years ago that we attended Bro. Wesco’s special meetings, and met Bro. Jack Duff who has become one of our dearest friends, and ministering brother. Had we not met Bro. Jack in those meetings we may have never had the opportunity of meeting, and speaking for many of our other minister friends in Florida.

Monday (Jan. 17th)

Monday morning Bro. Jack, Bro. Trevor, and myself were able to meet Bro. Lino Tirado for breakfast. Bro. Lino attends ‘Rapturing Faith Tabernacle‘ (Bro. Darrel Wesco – Pastor), and is a very gifted interpreter.

I had asked Bro. Lino to share his testimony with us (he has had the privilege of interpreting for Bro. Oral Roberts, and many other ministers of the Gospel), and he was very gracious in doing so. We had a very nice time of fellowship with him, and I hope that the LORD will provide an opportunity for him to interpret for us someday.

After breakfast Bro. Jack, and Bro. Trevor took me to the airport and we parted ways once again.

Two of the hardest things about our travels is that sometimes we have to leave our families behind to go and visit our brothers and sisters from different areas, and then we have to leave our brothers and sisters (old friends & new) to return home.

We were certainly happy to return home to our families that we had missed while we were away, but we always miss our brothers and sisters from all of the churches we visit as well.

“Lives of great men all remind us we can make our lives sublime,
And, departing, leave behind us footprints on the sands of time.”
– ‘A Psalm Of Life’ (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

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