Knowing Him

I once had a conversation with a group of brothers in a message chat room. They were going back and forth about the particular way they each saw things. “it’s this way” they would say, “you must see this if you say you believe.” Others were bolder to say that “one word off is satan’s kingdom”, implying to a young man at the time such as myself, that if you didn’t see it that particular way, you were lost. So I gathered up some courage to ask them a bold question. The conversation when something like this.

Me: Can I ask you brothers a question?
Brother #1: Sure, ask on brother!
Me: Do you brothers love Jesus?
Brother #2: How could you ask such a question?
Brother #1: Of course we love Jesus, He is the Word and we love the Word!

Now, I respect that of course. It is very good to know the Word, but I was implying a much more personal aspect. Perhaps I was too young at the time to articulate the meaning behind my question. What I meant was, are we thankful for the person of Jesus Christ? That He loves us and that He died for us. Can we not spend more time thanking our saviour than we do debating His Word?

As we listened to a tape for service yesterday morning, Bro Branham stated this:

144 Notice, with the popular, loving teacher… I want to speak to you young folks just a minute. Where do you identify yourself, young lady, you at school? Oh, you can split grains; you can show all this to your science teacher here and everything. But you know what? They can’t give you Life.
Life only comes by Christ. To know Him, not know His Word, not know His church, not know His this, know Him, that’s the only thing can give you Life.

In the Hebrews series he says it this way:

You say, “Brother Branham, I shouted. I spoke with tongues. I done all this.” That might be true too. That’s all right, nothing to say against that. But, my dear lost friend… But to speak with tongues, or to shake, or to shake hands, or to be baptized, that–that’s all right, but to know Him is to know a Person. To know Him is Life.
You say, “I know the Bible, real well.” Well, to know the Bible’s not Life. To know Him (the personal pronoun), to know Him, Christ, that you know He’s forgive you.

You can study and debate the Word all your life, but you have to KNOW Jesus Christ, individually and personally. To know Him as if he was your best friend. To spend time with Him which doesn’t necessarily mean just studying His Word. When is the last time you had a conversation with Jesus, just as if you were having lunch with one of your buddies? I love the strong meat of the Word just as much as anyone…but it is all for naught if my Jesus isn’t there with me.

Jesus is my all in all, and I thank Him for His Word.

-Bro Trevor

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