Miami, FL (2011)

Thursday, May 12th – Sunday, May 15th
Bro. Trevor met me at my house early in the morning, and we drove to the airport. As many times as we have ministered together, this was the first time we’ve flown on the same flights because of different work schedules, etc.

We arrived in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and drove to ‘The Church Of Perfection‘ in Miami, FL (Bro. Famil St.vil – Pastor) where we were to preach their 32nd annual convention.

Thursday night I preached on ‘A Present Tense God‘ for the opening of the convention, and many came through the prayer line at the end of the service accepting that our God is still Hebrews 13:8.

Friday afternoon Bro. Trevor, and I drove to the Everglades, and took a ride in an airboat. We were constantly seeing alligator after alligator during the forty-five minute ride in the shallow, muddy, sawgrass marshes, thanks to the drought they were having. We estimated close to fifty decent sized ones, and just as many babies. Several were close enough that we could have literally reached out, and touched them (had we been so careless as to lean out of the boat and put our hand out).

Friday night Bro. Trevor preached on ‘Culture Degrades Truth‘. I have heard him preach that sermon many times, but not like he did that night. God really anointed him, and several came forward for prayer. It was a wonderful service. Afterward we had the privilege of some fellowship with our good friend, Bro. Jack Duff (Pastor of ‘Spirit and Truth Tabernacle‘ in West Palm Beach, FL).

Saturday afternoon we drove over to Key Biscayne for a relaxing time kayaking in the salt water just off of Miami, and enjoyed the rest of the day in quiet study at the hotel.

Saturday night Bro. Trevor preached on ‘Separation‘, reminding us of the separation that Christ went through to take our place on Calvary.


Sunday morning I had the privilege of preaching on the radio for my first time. Bro. Famil has a radio broadcast Sunday mornings at 7AM in Miami that he cordially invited me to speak on. I preached on ‘Who Is Jesus, And What Is The Message?’ (giving a short introduction to why we believe Jesus is the Messiah, and that God sent a prophet in these last days).

After leaving the radio station we stopped for a short breakfast, and then went on to ‘The Church Of Perfection‘ where Bro. Trevor taught Sunday school. After the Sunday school, I preached on the thought of ‘The Same Devil Under A Different Name‘ (describing how Satan changes his name, and tactics slightly to deceive people). Several came forward for prayer at the end of the service.

Sunday night Bro. Trevor preached on how the Bride of Jesus Christ is ‘Extraordinary‘. Our time of fellowship in Miami truly was an ‘extraordinary’ experience, and I pray that the words that were spoken over the weekend will sink down deep into the hearts of both young and old to help them in their journey.

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