Prayer Request For Brother Lee Flemming


A prayer request was e-mailed to us this morning for Brother Lee Flemming (a believer from Georgia) who was in a bad car accident on his way home from work yesterday.

Apparently Brother Lee was not feeling well at work so he left to go home, and was only a mile from his house when he passed out and rolled his car. Emergency workers had to cut Brother Lee our of the car.
Brother Lee is on a ventilator per our last reports, and has been going in and out of consciousness.
There is video footage of his vehicle after emergency teams arrived at the following FOX news link:
The first time we visited the Fox News link there was an unoffensive Target advertisement (that is muted unless you choose to un-mute it) before the news clip played. If there is anything offensive when you visit the site please report it by commenting on the post or by e-mailing so we can remove the link.
Please lift him up in your prayers, and we will keep this post updated with any further news on his condition.
– Brother Nathan Bryant

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