Simple Truths

Love one another, talk nice about one another, say nice things about one another, and then God will bless you.” ~ Rev. William Marrion Branham (‘Christ Is The Mystery Of God Revealed’ 63-0728)

Sometimes things are so simple!

A. LOVE one another.
B. Talk nice about one another / Say nice things about one another
C. God WILL bless you.

So simple, and yet seemingly so hard for many to do sometimes…..

~ Bro. Nathan

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  1. Bro Trevor says:

    Below is some of the comments that some of the brothers made in regards to this post in emails.

    That’s an awesome quote Bro Jack! I love it.

    “…maybe his destination rests upon our attitude towards him..”

    That’s strong medicine right there!


    Jack Duff wrote:

    >I wanted to share another quote that reiterates these simple truths.
    >Thanks for sharing Bro. Nathan.
    > E-12 And may I drop this little thing to you brethren, as I know
    >you’re different denominations. I think, I’ve never talked like this to
    >a group of people, but in this locality here, you… And–and
    >throughout the–the nation it’s becoming now. If the devil can keep us
    >separated, he–he’s got us shooting at one another, so he–he–he’s got
    >a open target anywhere he wants to shoot. And what’s the use of
    >shooting, we’re shooting one another? See, see? So he can just set back
    >and relax. But did you ever… Let me just give you… If I have found
    >grace in your sight through God, you take my word for this, brethren.
    >If you want to be a blessing, and get a blessing, when a man has done
    >you wrong, and he has absolutely justly, he… I mean he has done you
    >wrong and you know that he’s done you wrong; he’s done you evil. Don’t
    >mention that; you take him to prayer before God. And don’t take it in a
    >way of just a selfish and say, “Well, I’m supposed to do this.” But
    >stand with your shoulder to his shoulder, and stand in the Presence of
    >God our Father, way a prayer should be made in the Presence of God,
    >say, “Father, here’s my brother, and he–he is justly; he deserves
    >punishment because he has–he’s done me evil. And I don’t see why he
    >did it.”
    > E-13 Then let God go to talking to you. And you’ll see maybe, what
    >that man’s been through. The devil has twisted him up somewhere and
    >caused him to do that. Though he’s absolutely wrong, before you leave
    >the throne of God you’ll be feeling sorry for that man. You’ll be
    >sympathizing with that brother. And when you get back down to
    >where–earth again, you’ll go over to that brother and shake his hand,
    >’cause you know what he’s been through. You can’t stand with a mortal
    >in the Presence of God and condemn anybody, I don’t believe, no, sir,
    >even if he is a rank sinner. And what about a brother that has made a
    >mistake? Though I say he’s wrong. Sometimes he’s accused wrong when
    >he’s not wrong. But if he is wrong, well, if we will take him to the
    >throne of God, stand there shoulder-to-shoulder with our brother,
    >knowing he’s a mortal, and maybe his destination rests upon our
    >attitude towards him, when we come back from the throne of God, we’ll
    >realize that we’re every one guilty, and we all need help one from the
    >other. And the best way to do is pray.
    >Bro. Jack

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