“That’s Nothing But The Truth”

On Saturday, October 10th, 1959 Brother Branham was hunting in Salem, Indiana with Brother Banks Wood, and Brother Fred Sothman when St. Mark 11:23 came on his mind, and he was wondering how that could be applied.
For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.”
Something spoke to him and said, “That’s in the atonement, for if a man or a woman is so consecrated and surrendered to God, that God just moves in and uses their voice, and it isn’t the man speaking, it’s God that’s in him speaking.”
Then, “a reel deep, sweet anointing of the Holy Spirit” said, “Say what you will, and it shall be given unto you.”
He didn’t say, ‘Pray,’ He said, ‘Say what you will.’ Just say it, and your words will materialize’”.
There were no sick people there, he was just out in the woods hunting. What should he ask for?
The Voice spoke again, “Aren’t you hunting? And you have no game?” Said, “Speak anything that you wish”.
Brother Branham spoke the exact trees, limbs, and snag that he wanted three red (fox) squirrels to come out on (all about fifty yards away from where he was because his gun was sighted in at that distance). Every time he spoke the specific location a squirrel would appear until he had shot all three and picked them up.
On Saturday, November 7th, 1959 Brother Branham was hunting in Kentucky with Brother Banks Wood, Brother Charlie Cox, and Brother Tony Zable. Something spoke to him and said, “How many squirrels do you want this morning?”
I said, “I shall get three squirrels.”
He said, “Where will they come from?”
I said, “One will come from that way, one from that way, and one back this a way.” Make it radical. God don’t care how radical that it seems. He’s God of circumstance.”
He watched for a while, and about ninety yards away a gray squirrel jumped off of a stump. He shot it, and then turned to his left and saw another gray squirrel coming around a beech tree. He shot that one, and a third one came from the same direction. He tried to shoot it three different times and missed all three shots in a row. He had only missed five shots so far that year out of a hundred and fourteen!
And just then, it come to me. “You can’t shoot that squirrel that way. He must come from that way.” God’s Word is perfect. Couldn’t shoot him from the south; he’s coming from the north. “Well, I said, “I will just turn around this way then and watch north till he comes.”
It was getting dark but something said, “Turn and go back towards the north. Your squirrel’s there.”
After while, I thought I seen a knot on the tree, way up there. So dark. I said, “Well, I will try that anyhow.” And I shot. And when I did, a squirrel run around the tree and run down. I heard it hit the ground. I thought it jumped off. Same time that happened, about twenty feet from it, one run up a white oak. And I said, “He run down one and run up the other one. Now, surely, Lord, You won’t let me miss him after I’ve already said under that anointing that this would be, and You’re confirming my ministry. This will be six times that You’ve confirmed it to me.” The number of man, six times. I said, “You won’t let me miss him.”
I looked all up and down the tree. And way up in there I thought I seen some leaves. I seen something moving in it. And I raised and shot. And the squirrel dropped to the ground, stone dead. Up the hill I went, rejoicing and happy. I went to the first tree over to my left, and there laid the squirrel. “Well,” I said, “I know I got that one, but I wasn’t sure of this one. I said, “Then, Lord, You give me one for good measure.”
I goes over to find the other squirrel; he wasn’t there. And I looked and I looked, and I searched under leaves, and raised up little pieces of chunk, and tore open an old log. And there wasn’t but one log laying within thirty yards. And I tore it all to pieces, looked under the sides, and held my hands in the leaves and felt. There was no squirrel there nowhere.
On up, there’s a big old snag on top of the hill. I went up to that little snag, and there’s a little bitty hole. And I felt in there, and I thought I felt my squirrel raising up and down. When I was… I said, “Well, I can’t get to him. So in the morning, I will bring the boys back and get it.” I got to go tell them. And I went down to Brother Charlie. Stopped the hole up, went down to Brother Charlie and them, and told them.”
They left the woods, and went back to Brother Charlie Cox’s house for supper. After the meal Brother Charlie asked Brother Tony Zable to lead in prayer before they went to bed, and Brother Tony said in his prayer, “Lord God, let it be known to us that our brother’s telling us the truth, that tomorrow he will find that squirrel in the stump.”
And I went on. Something just drove me on. And I went walking up through the woods, hunting. I kept thinking, “What if that squirrel isn’t in there.” He gave me his hunting knife so I could cut a–the hole bigger to reach in and get it.
And Something said to me, “If it isn’t there, or if it is in there, what makes a difference?”
I said, “He will… He wouldn’t believe me. He prayed and said that, “If we find the squirrel, he will know that our brother has told us the truth.”
And that great Anointing come, said, “Just say the squirrel will be up there, and you’ll get him.”
I thought, “Surely, Lord, surely. This will be seven times straight while this anointing’s on me.” I said, “Is that You?”
He said, “Say what you will!”
I said, “I shall find that squirrel.” The Anointing left me.”
God, being my solemn Judge with His Word here, and I’m a man of fifty years old, a preacher of the Gospel, standing in this pulpit, Something said, “Look under that little piece of bark.”
I said, “Lord, I wouldn’t doubt You for nothing.” I walked over and picked up the bark, and there was no squirrel there. I thought, “I was…”
But just before I did it, Something said, “What if he isn’t there?”
I said, “Oh, he will be there.” And I picked it up and there was no squirrel there. I looked down with amazement. I saw a little bitty piece of gray sticking out from under a leaf. I pulled it up, and there laid the squirrel, making it just exactly right what He had said to do.”
Brother George Wright from Depauw, Indiana (a little less than four miles from Milltown, Indiana where Brother Branham pastored the Milltown Baptist Church) made the Communion wine for the Tabernacle. Brother Roy Roberson had called Brother Branham wanting to go with him to Brother Wright’s house to pick up the Communion wine.
They arrived at Brother Wright’s house early in the morning, and as Brother Banks Wood sat down beside Brother Branham at the table Sister Hattie Wright (Mosier) was sitting nearby listening quietly.
Brother Branham told the stories of how the squirrels had been spoken into existence to her two sons, Brother Banks Wood, Brother Shelby Wright, little, crippled Sister Edith Wright, and Brother and Sister George Wright.
Sister Hattie only made about two hundred dollars a year, and she had been telling Brother Branham how she tried to pledge fifty dollars to help build the new Tabernacle, but Brother Roberson would only let her give twenty.
Brother Branham had two ten dollar bills in his pocket that Sister Meda had given him to get groceries with, and as he was reaching in his pocket to give Sister Hattie the twenty dollars back; God spoke to his heart and said, “Don’t do it.” “God knew that was down the road for her.”
As Brother Branham finished telling the story; he compared it to there being a provided sacrifice for Abraham back in the wilderness, by saying, “Jehovah is still Jehovah-Jireh”.
Sister Hattie (not realizing how important, or how immortalized her words would be, nor how many multiplied thousands of believers around the world would hear them repeated) said; “That’s nothing but the truth”.
Five simple words. Simple childlike faith, but she said the right thing. God had already confirmed Brother Branham’s new ministry (of speaking the Word into existence) seven times by animals (six squirrels, and the place he would find one he had already shot).
And that super-anointing swept over me, said, “Tell Hattie that she’s found grace in the sight of God.” Who would’ve thought…? Said, “Tell her to ask whatever she will, then you speak it by this gift into existence. Whatever she asketh, speak it into existence.”
I looked at Sister Hattie. The first time it was ever performed on a human being. I said, “Sister Hattie, ask what you will. God’s going to give it to you.’
What do you think of that? Does it get in to you? Seven times He had confirmed it by an animal. Seven is God’s complete number. Here’s the first time on a human being. And He… What did He choose? Some great aristocrat? A great noted minister? A poor little widow woman that could hardly write her name. God knows what He’s doing. Said, “Ask what you will.”
Hattie looked around, all around. And she said, “Brother Bill, my greatest desire is for the salvation of my two boys.”
What a… Why, there couldn’t have been a greater thing. She could’ve asked for ten thousand dollars; she’d have got it. What if it’d been some millionaire, would have asked for another million. God knowed what she was going to ask for.”
I said, “By the will of God, by the power of God, I give you, in the Name of Jesus Christ your desire.” And her two boys shook under the power of God, and that whole building trembled. Banks fell into his plate. Shelby grabbed… And Hattie screamed till you could hear her for two blocks. And them two boys with tears rolling down their cheeks received exactly what they asked for right then.
Oh, the first time it was ever used on a human being. “Ask what you will, and it shall be given unto you.” Her boys setting there with her this morning.”
Had Brother Branham come with the great, swelling words of a theologian; would people like Sister Hattie Wright (or you and I) have been attracted to his ministry?
I’m so thankful for a Prophet of God who yielded himself so much that God could speak through him, and bring us a Message in our own language, and in such a humble, simple way that simple people like ourselves could understand It.
… the common people heard Him gladly.” – St. Mark 12:37b
The majority of the details provided in this story, and direct quotes (marked with quotations and italic font) were taken primarily from the sermon ‘My New Ministry’ preached in Jeffersonville, IN (59-1115).
Some additional details were provided from the sermons ‘Go Tell’ (61-0417M), and ‘Look Away To Jesus’ (63-1229E) which were both preached in Jeffersonville as well.
– Brother Nathan Bryant

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