VGR (Translations & eBooks)

Voice of God Recordings has recently released two updated features that we feel will be very beneficial to the Bride of Jesus Christ.

The first is that they have made the translated sermons in PDF format available to download free of charge on their web-site.

If you go to the following link you can search a specific sermon title, and choose the desired language from the drop-down menu to see if that sermon has been translated.


*** If you want to see a list of available sermons in a specific language:

Select the desired language from the drop-down menu,
and then do a search leaving the ‘Title’ field blank. ***

The second update is that they have also made all of the English sermons available in formats that are compatible with mainstream smart phones, etc. These are available to download on’s Kindle store, as well as the iBook store (for Apple iPhone, iPad, etc) by searching the word ‘Branham‘.

To read more about the recommended hardware for the new eBooks visit the following link:

eBook FAQs

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