Was Bro Branham "Sola Scriptura" (Part 2)

(Author’s note. This is Part 2 of 3 on a thought on Sola Scriptura) Part 1 can be found here.


Now, I’d like any protestant friend to understand something about Trinitarianism. Most Protestants that would claim they are “Sola Scriptura” will also claim they are Trinitarian. They’ll also note that Bro Branham was not. They then reason that if Bro Branham wasn’t Trinitarian he obviously isn’t Sola Scriptura.

I think it’s important you see the similarities first. We believe that Jesus was God, that the Holy Spirit is God, and that the Father is God – just like you do. HOWEVER, we don’t believe that GOD is 3 different people who can have a conversation with each other. We believe that God is ONE, just like he told the Hebrew Children in Deut 6:4. He changed his mask in how he dealt with men. He created a sinless body that he could dwell in. He was not 3 distinct individuals. See Matt 1:18 and tell me who was Jesus’ Father if you disagree.

Trinitarianism also speaks of how one baptizes. Paul said,” One Lord, one faith, one baptism”. Now, if you aren’t baptizing like Paul, then how can there be one baptism? The book of Acts shows us how Peter and Paul and their converts baptized. There is only one baptism.

I would also point out that the trinity is actually a CATHOLIC doctrine and cannot be found Sola Scriptura. If there is one baptism and Paul used Lord Jesus Christ, then how do you have a different baptism, and why aren’t you baptizing like the original church did in the book of Acts? The Catholic Church is anything but Sola Scriptura, yet Trinitarians who have only reformed from the Catholic Church, still use their baptism and claim Sola Scriptura. It just doesn’t make sense.


Now many will say that Bro Branham often spoke of visions that he had. Then they tell us that isn’t Sola Scriptura because it’s “Extra Biblical” as those visions aren’t found in the Bible. Let’s just look at that for a moment though.
Paul told the sailors of the ship he was on that an angel of the Lord stood by him, and that if anyone got off the ship they would all be killed. Was that sola scriptura of the day? No, it wasn’t.

Isaiah had a vision that a virgin shall conceive. What Scripture did he base that on? Oh by the way, he died before that vision came to pass – did the people of the day disbelieve him because his vision didn’t come to pass before he died? It’s a good possibility.
You can’t expect visions of current events to be Sola Scriptura. However, those current visions and such are typically not doctrinal teaching. You can have visions of current events that are not talked about in the Bible and still be Sola Scriptura.

Biblically, you have to look at what a prophet says, and test it. If it continues to pass the test over and over again, and you find that he’s not taking you to some other god. (Deut 13:1-3) Then it would behoove you to listen, because it’s God speaking through that man.
Another point is the vindication of Moses to the Children of Israel. God gave him two signs to vindicate him to the people. If another prophet were to be vindicated on the same basis, would that then be Sola Scriptura? I believe it would.

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